Benefit Week for

Infant and Maternal Mortality

Panel Q&A

Thursday, January 28

5:30-7:00 PM

Discussion Night

Tuesday, January 26

6:00-7:30 PM

Art Auction

Open through

Sunday, January 31


Ohio is the 39th worst state in the US for infant mortality. Franklin County, where Columbus is located, has averaged over seven deaths per 1000 births for the past decade. Metropolitan Cleveland and Cincinnati, in Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties, also have high rates of infant mortality. In fact, Ohio’s infant mortality rate is significantly higher than the average in what the UN calls “more developed nations.”

All proceeds from Benefit Week go to Moms2Be. Moms2Be helps mothers most at-risk for losing their children, providing information about pregnancy and childcare, and coordinating with healthcare providers to ensure mothers receive the resources to care for their families. Affiliated with the Wexner Medical Center, Moms2Be has been operating since 2010. Since its inception, the organization has helped over 2500 families. An independent study has confirmed that mothers involved in Moms2Be's programs were less likely to give birth prematurely or deliver underweight children, both key causes of infant mortality.


Panel Q&A


Thursday, January 28th, we will be joined by Jamie Sager, program manager of Moms2Be, and Dr. Kamilah Dixon-Shambley, assistant professor at the Wexner Medical Center, to understand infant and maternal mortality from experts in the field. Our panelists will be introducing their work before opening the floor for an open question and answer session. Join us for a meaningful and engaging discussion on the work being done to empower mothers and families.



Dr. Kamilah Dixon-Shambley


Kamilah Dixon-Shambley MD, MA is a Board Certified Assistant Professor of Ob-Gyn at The Ohio State Medical Center. She is also the Medical Director for Moms2B,  a community program dedicated to decreasing the infant mortality rate.  Her interests include racial and ethnic disparities in care, underserved care,  health equity and reproductive justice.  



Jamie Sager


Jamie Sager is the Program Manager for the Moms2B program, a community based initiative that reaches at risk pregnant and parenting women through group based educations sessions. Jamie’s background is in Comparative Studies and a masters in Social Work.

Discussion Night


Join us on January 26 to learn about racial and socioeconomic disparities in infant mortality rates. Socioeconomic factors such as parents’ income and level of education impact a child’s odds of survival, but the race of the child matters more than any other factor. Though mortality statistics seldom include religion, Muslims in America are typically non-white and often lower income — two key predictors of high infant mortality rates. We will watch and discuss a series of short video clips to delve into a variety of perspectives on infant and maternal mortality in Ohio.


The clips we will be watching during the event are collected in the video below.


If the video does not work, please try their original sources. Each of these are highly informative, and we encourage you to view each of these in their entirety.


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