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Growing Together

The MSA brotherhood committee is meant to serve and provide a friendly atmosphere to new Muslim brothers joining The Ohio State University. Our current brotherhood hood chair is Hassan Haq. He is responsible for setting up brotherhood events and making sure everything is running smooth on the brothers side of MSA. The brotherhood committee meets every Tuesday at 4:30 at the CSLS. At these meetings various topics are discussed such as Jummah, future events, and even brotherhood halaqas. The MSA brotherhood also has a WhatsApp group chat where any and all are welcome. If you would like to join the brotherhood committee and/or would like to join the group chat please email Hassan at

Brothers For Life

A network of brothers through thick and thin

Upcoming Events

Brotherhood Gallery 

Behind the Scenes 


Hassan Haq

Brotherhood Chair

Salaam! I am Hassan Haq. I am a third year majoring in Biochemistry and I am your current Brotherhood Chair. My job is to make sure brothers in MSA are well fitted to the MSA OSU environment. I host many social brotherhood events. Somethings I like to do in my free time is playing basketball, playing video games, or just grabbing a bite to eat. So if you're looking for a Duo partner in Fortnite and eating Halal New York Gyro, I'm your guy. 

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