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Meet the Candidates


Khalid Dada


About Khalid

As-Salam Alaykum! As your Co-President, I've met with the heads of every department at this university to discuss concerns that Muslims face. This allowed me to build relationships with key campus leaders, enabling me to push the Muslim narrative to the forefront of Ohio State's agenda. I worked in conjunction with USG to raise awareness of issues and create Ramadan accommodation resolutions. We overcame several obstacles, resulting in tough situations where we had to address professors and leadership, but alhamdulillah, we persevered and will not be deterred. I'm delighted to announce that I'll be running alongside Maya, my Vice President, and long-time friend. Anyone who knows Maya will admit she brightens every room she enters. Maya and I, as your next MSA leaders, share lots of similar goals for the upcoming year. I hope we can break tradition and be creative in our event planning and engagement with you all. We will continue to fight for Muslim rights on campus and around the world. As you can see, MSA holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to continue to cherish my role as the President of MSA.


Co-President of the Muslim Students’ Association at the Ohio State University 2021-22

Currently Deputy Director of Justice & Equity in the Undergraduate Student Government at the Ohio State University

Brotherhood Chair of the Muslim Students’ Association at the Ohio State University 2020-21


  • Continue to advance the Muslim narrative to the forefront of Ohio State's policy agenda. 

  • Internal MSA Executive Board operations should be better structured to provide the best possible experience for Muslim students at Ohio State. 

  • Development of long-term relationships with Muslim organizations on a local level to unite the Muslim community and make us all stronger. 

  • Developing deeper links with non-Muslim student and local organizations to spread knowledge of our principles and practices.


Hajira Dada


About Hajira

Salam Alaikum everyone! My name is Hajira Dada, and I am a second year Accounting student at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. I was born and raised right here in Columbus (at Ohio State’s hospital, so I’m a Buckeye baby!) to Afghan immigrants. I served as the treasurer of the Muslim Students Association during the previous term, and am currently going for my second year Inshallah. During my time with MSA, I was able to make lifelong connections and friends for life, while also building my professional skills. I am super thankful to be a part of this community, and I hope to continue to serve it. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, eating Chipotle, and binge watching Cobra Kai.


Treasurer, Muslim Students Association

Intern, CAIR-Ohio

Program Chair, MYImpact


  • Finding partners who would want to sponsor MSA and the different events held

  • Maintaining budgets for each sub-committee and the organization as a whole

  • Apply for appropriate grants to bring in funds throughout the year

  • Maintain a successful Alumni and Parent Association to bring in monthly cash flows

Mariyam Muhammad.jpg

Mariyam Muhammad

Female Co-Outreach

About Mariyam

Salam! My name is Mariyam Muhammad and I’m a 3rd year in journalism and international relations at OSU. I’m dedicated to uplifting the voices of the voiceless and those who are systemically silenced. My passion for journalism is driven by my faith and community, and I hope to change the face of Muslims in media and share their real struggles from person to person. Everyone lives a different life, and their stories deserve to be heard, and we should learn to listen. I wish to uplift the Muslim community, be an easy and flexible communicator, bring important ideas to the forefront, and dismantle misconceptions about Islam. I am open to anyone’s ideas and opinions, as I carry an objective lens anywhere I go. For everyone, I’m your friend, and I will not hesitate to give you a helping hand or a listening ear. 


  • President and founder of the first diversity club (high school)

  • Reporter of The Lantern

  • Intern and volunteer w MY Project USA


  • Be an easy communicator and in reach, the Muslim community at OSU should feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything

  • Broaden ideas and discuss stigmas, uncomfortable topics, and voices of the silent

  • Bring open mindedness as a goal in the Muslim community

  • Promote the representation of Muslims, especially Muslim women


Adam Darwich

Male Co-Outreach

About Adam

Hello! I am a 3rd year biomedical engineering major. I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of MSA for the past 3 years. During these 3 years, I’ve watched and tried to emulate the great leaders here at the MSA. However, the times weren’t always amazing. I’ve noticed some issues within the MSA’s culture, the perception of Muslims around campus, and difficulties seperating cultural traditions and Islam. By electing me to the board of MSA as Co-Outreach, I hope to continue to finetune the MSA.  Let’s work together to establish an MSA that responds to all Muslim-student needs, hosts fun and sociable events, and developes us all as better Muslims.


  • MSA Member (‘18-’21)

  • BMES Member (‘18-’21)

  • Multiple leadership positions in high school such as Student Body President, School Board Student Liason, and Varsity Swim Team Captain


  • Refocus efforts at establishing strength of knowledge in Islamic Creed in MSA members and surrounding-area Muslim teenagers.

  • Develop interfaith relations with other groups on campus to change the perception of the MSA and Muslims at large.

  • Work to expand MSA reach to individuals by supplementing current MSA events to be more inclusive of all Muslims -- not just Arab-Muslims.

  • Design creative, fun events to promote camaraderie and sociability between MSA members.

Sabriya Zaman.jpg

Sabriya Zaman

IT Chair

About Sabriya

Salam everyone! My name is Sabriya Zaman and I am currently a first-year majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Economics. I love watching tv shows, listening to music, and playing board/card games. I decided to run for IT Chair because MSA has provided me with a social network during this overwhelming year. Especially with COVID, it is more essential than ever to have reliable information available on the website and in emails. Therefore, I want to be able to give back to MSA by maintaining the technological aspects of the club. In the past, I have held leadership positions ranging from a freshman mentor to an executive board member for my mosque’s youth group to Vice President of a service organization. Overall, I love sharing my ideas and working with others who are just as passionate about positive change as I am! 


  • Active member of Sisterhood Committee

  • Key Club Officer

    • Vice President 2019-2020

    • Public Relations 2018-2019

  • Treasurer of Chagrin Valley Islamic Youth Group 2018-2020


  • Updating the website calendar regularly so that members can easily stay informed

  • Including a photo gallery on the website to showcase events and promote more member involvement

  • Creating a link that automatically adds MSA events to Google calendars to encourage higher attendance 

  • Establish better communication between the general body members and executive board

Jon Galasso.jpg

Jon Galasso

Male Co-Education

About Jon

Salaam! I am a third year Information Systems major in the Fisher College of Business and I am a proud revert to Islam. I have been attending OSU MSA events since I was a student at the OSU Newark campus and I am extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity that serving the MSA board provides. JazakAllah kheiran!!


  • My Family Pantry Director

  • Arab Student Association of OSU Newark and COTC 


  • I want to represent many different cultures and ideas that fall under the umbrella of Islam

  • Making sure everyone walks out(Or logs out) of an event with something significant that they learned no matter what level of knowledge they walked in with

  • Help foster and grow the MSA culture as a whole through education

  • Use my platform for the purpose of growing closer and allowing others to grow closer to Allah

Najmo Abdinur.jpg

Najmo Abdinur

Female Co-Education

About Najmo

Salam! My name is Najmo Abdinur. I am a second year Neuroscience major at the Ohio State University. I am currently on the pre med track and hope to become a physician in the future. My favorite thing to do is write and read and I currently am working on a novel. I hope to earn this position and serve on the board as the new female education chair. And I hope to see you all next semester for events, learning, socializing and building a community during and hopefully after Covid! InshaAllah.


  • Service Chair of MSA

    • Have experience with board culture and have experience on how to run online and in person events

  • Islamic School Teacher

    • helped my Quran teachers teach the younger kids, tell them Islamic stories, and organize little homework assignments 

  • Project Downtown and MyFamilyPantry

    • Helped my communications skills and taught me problem solving skills that can help me think on my feet if I receive this position


  • Should always start with the basics of anything being taught as a foundation for those who aren't as well versed in topics and it serves as a good reminder to those who have learned it

  • Have a healthy and safe environment where everyone is free to speak on any topic (as long as it is appropriate) 

  • Diversify the lesson plans as not everyone believes or thinks similarly while also keeping Islamic ideals and values in mind. 

  • Allow for more open discussions and time to socialize so we can bond and create the best memories with Islam and our Muslim community.

Ali Osman.jpg

Ali Osman


About Ali

My name is Ali Osman, an upcoming sophomore majoring in Neuroscience. My drive for service has been a long lasting passion of mine which I look forward to further continue with as a member of the MSA board, inshaAllah. With years of experience managing interfaith events geared towards servicing the community around the Akron region, leading a volunteer group every Monday night to speak and aid the homeless population in the area, and advocating for social/religious acceptance throughout the community through many different platforms, including TedX, I truly do believe my experiences, passion, and charisma will be a positive addition to the MSA. Although I have only been a Buckeye for less than a full year, I have seen so much drive towards wanting to make a difference I can only dream of channeling into lasting, impressional memories. 


  • First Serve (initiative in which various faith based organizations come together to give back to the community via manual labor while engaging in religious dialogue)

  • MyFamily Pantry (Muslim student run initative in which food is prepared, delivered, and distributed to be directly given to local families) 

  • Labre (student run initiative in which food was hand delivered to homeless individuals while engaging in meaningful anecdotes)


  • To outreach with other religious oriented groups in hopes of establishing lasting ties through service

  • To help dispel negative ideologies regarding Muslim youth through service involvement around campus and in the Columbus area

  • To strengthen ties among our Muslim brothers and sisters through leadership and service events 

  • To push for Muslim youth involvement via service by being in direct contact with different mosques, student centers, and schools/universities all throughout the region  

Hassan Nusairat.jpg

Hassan Nusairat


About Hassan

Salam everyone, my name is Hassan Nusairat and I am half Palestinian & half Jordanian, I was born in Cleveland and raised here in Columbus. I am a 3rd year student studying Civil Engineering with future aspirations of becoming a PE (professional engineer). I love coffee, I love hanging out and I love meeting new people. so if you are interested in MSA or already in it don’t hesitate at all to get in touch with me and we can set up a time to chill and get some coffee or food or just hang out.


  • I have been a board member of Hilliard (Darby, Davidson & Bradley) Highschool MSA (2 years) & the NICC MYimpact Committee (1.5 years).

  • I have helped out at the MYfamily Pantry for a few years as a volunteer for the last 3 years.

  • I have led and currently lead a survey team for collecting data in West Virginia.


  • To have much more brothers attend brotherhood events inshallah.

  • to maintain and to not compromise islamic values inshallah.

  • To make sure the MSA is a very welcoming and comforting environment inshallah.

  • To ensure as many people are having a good time as possible!

Deena Eldaour.jpg

Deena Eldaour


About Deena

Salam everyone! I’m Deena, and I am an incoming junior here at Ohio State. I’m studying Health Sciences with a minor in Biology on the pre-dental track. I love doing calligraphy, drawing, baking, and makeup. Ever since I stepped foot on OSU’s campus, MSA has been my family. Being from Pittsburgh, PA, moving to a new city was definitely intimidating. However, being involved in MSA and welcomed warmly by its members helped ease the process. I plan to become one of those people who welcome newcomers and help them embraced by the muslim community at OSU.



  • MY Reading Warriors Social Media and Marketing chair

  • Regular volunteer at MY Family Pantry

  • Active member of MSA sisterhood


  • Strengthen bonds between Muslim sisters from different backgrounds

  • Plan fun and engaging events for the sisters

  • Create an open space for members to express concerns or discuss topics

  • Build great relationships between sisterhood members

  • Gather more attendees for events

  • Organize events with different student organizations at OSU

Alizeh Hasan.jpg

Alizeh Hasan


About Alizeh

Salaam homies, my name is Alizeh Hasan and I’m a third-year from Toledo, OH studying Neuroscience/Pre-Dental. Ever since I joined the MSA community, I’ve been incredibly grateful for all the different experiences this organization has opened me up to. After serving on MSA’s Board as secretary this past year, I’ve been able to re-evaluate my goals for this organization through a different lens while holding onto my perspective as a general member. I hope to further an inclusive culture within MSA where all people feel openly accepted, appreciated, and can leave with significant memories from their time with us. 


  • Serving as current Secretary for MSA ‘20-’21

  • Committed members to PASA, SAC, and MIST

  • Previous member of professional Muslimah sorority Mu Delta Alpha: Epsilon Chapter at University of Toledo 


  • Increase better interpersonal relationships between E-board and general body

  • Promote further collaborations within MSA and fellow sister-orgs 

  • Encourage women’s empowerment 

  • Provide a safe space for all voices to share opinions and feedback

Khalid Dada.jpg

Khalid Dada

Vice President

About Khalid

Salam! I’m Khalid, a sophomore majoring in business and economics. I currently serve on the MSA board as your brotherhood chair. As president I hope to continue my aspirations of creating a more welcoming environment in MSA, and focus on male engagement in the MSA general body! I have been involved in OSU’s MSA since I was a child. Being the youngest sibling of OSU MSA alumni, I was always brought out to events. MSA has been a part of my life for a while and I am ready to lead MSA into a bright future inshallah! Outside of MSA, I am a cofounder of Hidayah, a non profit organization that runs several charitable events surrounding education for the kids of Afghanistan. I also am currently on the board of the NICC youth department and hoping to create a great bond between MSA and NICC and also other local masjids!


Current MSA Brotherhood Chair

NICC Youth Department Board Member and Program Lead

Hidayah (Non-profit) Co-founder and Secretary 


  • Be willing to break tradition and not allow past successes turn me away from innovation.

  • Work closely alongside the brotherhood chair to continue and expand focus on engagement and inclusivity of MSA brothers.

  • Creating more learning opportunities such as khateeb training and other religious or active workshops/trainings for general body members to gain from MSA

  • Creating sustainable relationships with other major muslim student organizations on campus to create a family/community bond of general body members.


Sabriya Zaman


About Sabriya

Asalam-alykum everyone! My name is Sabriya, and I am currently a sophomore studying Business-Economics with a minor in Bioethics. My hometown is Solon, OH which is near Cleveland. I have been in Muslim Students’ Association since my freshmen year. I was an active member of the Sisterhood Committee, and now I serve as the IT Chair for MSA. I believe that I would make a great Secretary because of the organizational, time-management, and dedication that I have demonstrated not only in my current leadership position in MSA, but also in other parts of my life. I work as an HR Assistant and have experience with working in a fast-paced environment where I must schedule multiple time-sensitive meetings simultaneously. Aside from having the technical skills required for this role…MSA has a chokehold on me. The sense of community I feel in this club is incomparable to any other organization I have been a part of. Without fail, the people in MSA have become synonymous with home for me. Therefore, I want to help make MSA even better so that more people can find their chosen family within our club. 


Current MSA IT Chair 

Mentor and Professional Development Committee Member for Law and Society Scholars

Human Resources Student Assistant at OTDI


  • Preserve MSA’s reputation by adhering to room booking deadlines, completing necessary paperwork, and keeping our board members accountable.

  • Work more closely with the Media Committee to ensure that rooms (i.e. floor number)  are easily accessible on marketing material. 

  • Cultivate a safe environment for members to speak about issues that they are passionate about.

  • Maintain effective communication between the executive board, general body members, and Union staff.

Nabiha Nasir.jpg

Nabiha Nasir

Female Co-Outreach

About Nabiha

Salam! I am a third-year, studying Geography and City Planning. I joined MSA as a freshman and immediately became passionate for its efforts in creating a welcoming space for Muslim students. As my appreciation for MSA strengthened, I decided to apply and serve as the 2020-21 IT Chair. This position allowed me to engage with the General Body and acquire crucial communication skills I plan to utilize with community/ student organizations as Outreach Chair. InshAllah, I also hope to bridge the gaps between different groups in the Ummah, including people of color, women, disabled folks and different sects. This should be addressed to ensure those who are oftentimes disregarded, feel comfortable joining MSA, similar to how I felt my freshmen-year. I plan to achieve this through recognizing the issue and organizing an inclusive space for these communities. If you have any questions, please email me at


Current IT Chair on 2020-21 MSA Executive Board

Passionate and Devoted MSA General Body Member since Freshman Year

Current Secretary on 2020-21 Ladies of Leadership Executive Board


  • Promoting the importance of curoisty and openmindness in Islam

  • Creating a safe and inclusive space for students to discuss and learn about Islam 

  • Building the bridge between the Ummah and marginalized communities such as people of color, women, disabled folks and different sects

  • Strengthening our connections with community and student organizations in Columbus, as well around the country

Hebah Guade.jpg

Hebah Guade

Female Co-Outreach

About Hebah

Salam everyone! My name is Hebah Guade and I’m a second-year majoring in Human Nutrition and minoring in Global Public Health. I love learning about new cultures and hope to travel the world one day inshaAllah. Also, I enjoy spending time with family and admiring the beauty of nature. I’m running for the Co-Outreach chair because joining MSA this year has been such a positive experience for me. Seeing how dedicated the MSA board is to OSU’s Muslim students by creating a space for us to learn and connect truly inspired me to want to provide that same experience for future MSA members. Vote for me! :)


  • Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) Mentor 

  • NSSA Marketing Chair 

  • USG Public Health Senator


  • Make MSA more inclusive for reverts and Black Muslims of all backgrounds to join this amazing organization!

  • Create positive relationships with organizations such as AYL, BSA, and MSP. 

  • Host events with successful Muslim professionals such as doctors, architects, engineers, etc. to speak about their journey and experiences. 

  • Host events with MSAs at other universities to connect Muslim students across the country with one another.

Doua Daoud.jpg

Doua Daoud


About Doua

Salam everyone! My name is Doua Daoud. I am 21 years old, and I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Originally, I am Palestinian and have lived in Palestine for a few years when I was younger. I am a junior majoring in Finance. I work in the office of Academic Affairs located in Bricker Hall as a student assistant. I am the youngest of five siblings who have all graduated from OSU as well. I still consider myself new to OSU as I recently transferred here in the Fall ‘20 semester. In my freetime, I love spending time with my family and my two-year-old nephew back in Dayton. I look forward to meeting new people and getting more involved on campus!


  • Assisted with creating flyers for Dayton Muslim youth events (bonfires, iftars, bake sales, etc…) and posted them on all social media platforms. 

  • Ran all social media and had access to the accounts for marketing purposes (instagram, snapchat, facebook).

  • I own the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera. I have used this for every/all events to take pictures/uploading to the appropriate account. Very experienced and familiar with it.


  • Improve and expand MSA’s social media platforms to its greatest potential. The world is at our fingertips. My goal is to be more active on social media in hopes of reaching more people.

  • Involve and invite other student organizations from different religious backgrounds. Shatter the stereotypes around the image  of Muslims. To do this, we must start on campus. We have an amazing opportunity at The Ohio State University where we are surrounded by thousands of students and numerous connections. The change we want to see begins with us. We are present, we have a voice, we have ideas that want to be shared- we have so much to offer to society. 

  • Find innovative ways to attract Muslim students who have not felt that MSA is an inclusive environment. We want to create a very accepting community for people of all backgrounds. 

  • My final goal would be to develop new merchandise. The goal is to further promote and advertise our organization across the student body.


Yasir Baig


About Yasir

Salaam Everyone! My name is Yasir Baig, I am a third year Finance major in the Fisher College of Business at OSU. I am originally from Columbus, and I have been a member of the MSA for the last 3 years. I’m currently running for the Treasurer position, and I believe I have the skills and experience that’s needed for this position. In the last couple years I have been a Treasurer for the NICC Myimpact board, where I was able to gain the experience of performing the duties of collecting member dues, preparing and monitoring the budget and maintaining accurate financial records. I am also currently a member of the Common Cents Investment group, and I’ve volunteered for other organizations like My Family Pantry where I met a lot of new people, and it helped improve on my social skills and working with a team. I also believe my major in Finance heavily relates to the treasury position. I’m currently taking multiple finance and business courses relating to budgeting and incoming or outgoing funds. Even aside from the just finances of the Treasurer position, I want to help create massive fundraisers or events that can attract large groups of people and get the public's interest so the MSA can grow and become more well known to OSU students.


  • I was a Treasurer of the NICC youth group board, where I focused on collecting all finances and monitoring all revenue or losses that were going towards any event or project in the organization.

  • In the last couple years I have volunteered in MIST and My Family Pantry, where I was able to meet and work with a lot of new students from OSU.

  • I am also a member of the Common Cents Investments group at OSU. This is an organization where we examine weekly financial markets, along with also having discussions about market analysis and budgets. 


  • My goal as a Treasurer is to successfully keep track of any budgets, records, dues and anything related to the finances of the MSA.

  • I believe setting up creative fundraisers that can attract and get the public's interest is another key goal to bringing in revenue to the organization. 

  • I also want to budget and organize the finances for the MSA correctly, so that we can have the appropriate funds to be able to organize large fun events whether it’s through zoom or in person. 

  • Even aside from just the finances, I will be a positive and committed member that will actively look for making great changes as a team in the MSA board.

Sarah Al-Hashemi.jpeg

Sarah Al-Hashemi


About Sarah

Salaam! My name is Sarah Al-Hashemi and I am a first-year public health major. I have recently become more involved in MSA this semester and have absolutely loved the connections I’ve already made and can't wait to make more! MSA has undoubtedly made me feel so much more accepted and the sense of community you feel at an MSA event is that like no other. Therefore, I would love to run for your 2021-2022 service chair in hopes of continuing to give others that sense of belonging. I was a part of a mosque youth group for roughly 6 years where the prime focus was getting Muslim teenagers more involved in their community while making connections both inside and outside the mosque. Through my various experiences, I have gained leadership skills as well as learning responsibility, organization and prioritization and I can't wait to bring these skills to MSA. Thank you!


  • Co-President of my mosque youth group where we would plan a plethora of different service events.

  • I would volunteer at the Whetstone Care Center and aid in helping the elderly and led multiple group activities. 

  • Interned at the walk in urgent care as well as Tooth Family Dentistry


  • To continue to give back to the community through facilitating a multitude of different service events.

  • To form connections with communities outside of MSA in hopes to expand and further our community and those involved. 

  • To continue encouraging inclusivity and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • To achieve the ultimate overall goal of helping those in need!

Hajira Dada.png

Hajira Dada


About Hajira

Salam! My name is Hajira Dada and I am a first year International Business major through the Fisher College of Business. I started getting involved with MSA at the start of my first semester at Ohio State, and I love the community we have here! I plan on continuing my involvement by running to be your next MSA treasurer! As treasurer, I plan on continuing to create great budgets for our MSA events and other expenditures, and also plan on coming up with better ways to fundraise, with an emphasis on remote/virtual fundraising. Outside of MSA and school, I spend most of my time at home doing my favorite things, which mainly include watching Netflix and chilling with my family. 


  • Program Chair-MYImpact Committee

  • Secretary-National Honors Society (Centennial HS)

  • Helped manage finances of my dad’s business


  • Apply for university grants in order to finance more events and activities on/off campus

  • Maintain budget, and always ensure we have enough to cover what we want to accomplish

  • Come up with creative ways for virtual fundraising

  • Always keep board members in check with funds/budgets for event planning/spending on resources.

Adam Khalifa.jpg

Adam Khalifa


About Adam

Salams! I am a second year transfer student coming from the University of Minnesota. I am currently a Youth Studies Education major. Transferring to OSU was a very difficult transition because I did not have any friends and it was a new environment. I discovered the MSA and it was the only place on campus I felt home at. I developed a strong urge to become apart of the Muslim community and make positive impacts on many lives. As an extrovert, the Brotherhood Chair position seems like a position that I could flourish at and maximize the positive impacts that I could create. The MSA is an amazing organization on campus, and I desire to make even more improvements. I would like to create a space free of judgment and discrimination, and I would like to create strong bonds across the MSA through activities and events designed by the committee.  



  • Track and Cross country captain at Twin Cities Academy High School

  • Volunteer tutor for Murray middle school.

  • Active MSA member at University of Minnesota 2019-2020.


  • Furthering the development of the MSA community through planning eventful activities.

  • Strengthen the bonds of individuals within the MSA community by creating a welcoming environment, regardless of gender, background, or religious beliefs.

  • Tackle the gender imbalance the MSA currently faces by communicating and reaching out to the brotherhood and finding innovative ways to peak their interests.

  • Work closely and develop strong ties with the board members, focusing on communication and teamwork.


Malath Abudulwahed


About Malath

Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Malath Abudulwahed from Dayton, Ohio. I am originally from Iraq and I’m currently a freshman majoring in Neuroscience. I have many hobbies including playing/watching sports, drawing, and reading, but I tend to find fun in everything that I do. I got involved in MSA because I found it to be a community that I can be comfortable in. Not only that, but I knew I wanted to give back to this community because it brought me closer to people who I can call family. I’m a family-oriented person and I want to build that within the sisterhood community. I have done multiple internships and job shadows that have taught me what I am most passionate about both personally and professionally. I want to be able help everyone do the same by sharing my experiences and providing helpful resources. 


  • School Ambassador

  • Advisory Leadership

  • Class President


  • I want to strengthen the sisterhood by building bonds and friendships through activities where we all get to learn about each other and ourselves. 

  • I want to provide a space where we can all reflect on our dean and find ways to strengthen our relationships with Allah (SWT).

  • I want to plan fun and social activities within the MSA community in which we build a family and a support system. 

  • I want to provide as much help as I possibly can, whether that is just being open to talk, providing resources on/off campus, and in any other way. 

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