Executive Board 2020-2021


Abdul Karim Kaba

Male Co-President

About Abdul Karim

Br. Abdul Karim is a 5th yr. biology major on a pre-med track at OSU. Having been apart of MSA for nearly 3 years, Br. Abdul Karim became more deeply involved in MSA in each of those years. Firstly, as part of the Outreach Committee and thereafter being nominated to apply for positions on the board. Br. Abdul Karim was accepted into the position of co-education chair, the following year. After his time in the position of education chair, he recognized some issues within MSA, it’s culture, and within the Muslim community on campus in general. These issues set in the heart of Br. Abdul Karim, the desire to continue his time on the board as MSA President and this desire was bolstered after being nominated by fellow peers. 


  • MSA Outreach Committee Member (18-19)

  • MSA Male Co-Education (19-20)


  • Fostering/rekindling relations with Muslim-majority cultural organizations.

  • Increased internal focus on development of strong faith values in young Muslims on campus.

  • More productive, engaging, and creative use of social media targeted at Muslims on campus (e.g. short 1-2 minute Islamic reminders in video format).

  • Establish an MSA emergency hotline, connecting Muslims on campus in a speedy manner in case of an emergency.


Alizeh Hasan


About Alizeh

Salaam friends! My name is Alizeh Hasan, and I am a second-year from Toledo, Ohio studying Neuroscience. As a transfer student, I joined MSA as a way to get more involved on campus, and ended up finding my community of people! As future secretary, I would work to employ strategic organizational skills within the executive board in order to promote efficiency for the association as a whole. Within my year of being a member of MSA, I’ve been an active member of Sisterhood committee, where I learned the responsibilities of coordinating events and remaining flexible for whenever plans may change. By working with Media Committee, I further developed my group coordination abilities to meet deadlines as well as relay information to general members. Ultimately, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to an organization that has largely shaped my time here at The Ohio State University.  


  • Active member in Sisterhood and Media Committee 

  • Marketing Chair for MIST Columbus

  • Head Chair of Makeup & Hair in High School theatre


  • Assist in bridging the gap between executive board with general body members 

  • Facilitate open communication within the association

  • Fortify connections with alumni 

  • Promote coordinated planning


Adnan Reddy

Male Co-Outreach

About Adnan

Salaam! I’m a 2nd year electrical engineering student from Cleveland. Since my first day on campus, MSA has been an integral part of my Ohio State experience. I’ve served as IT chair for the past year, planning the logistics behind all our major events. Our organization unites the most diverse community on campus around a single goal: becoming better Muslims. As Outreach Co-Chair, I will work to bring students together, welcoming new faces and catalyzing friendships among Muslims at Ohio State. I want to see our organization turn outwards and engage with non-Muslims, teaching them about Islam and dispelling misconceptions about our faith. I want to forge bonds with the broader Muslim community, connecting the general body with the resources and mentorship necessary to achieve our goals, and to pass on the lessons we have learnt to those that will follow after.


  • MSA IT Chair, Spring 2019 to Present

  • Teaching assistant in the Department of Engineering Education, Fall 2019 to Present

  • CAIR-Cleveland intern, Summer 2019


  • Strengthen our connections with masjid and Muslim organizations in Columbus, through shared events, mentorship, and access to educational resources.

  • Reach out to incoming freshmen during orientation with information about MSA resources.

  • Collaborate with other faith organizations on campus, especially the Jewish and Christian ones.

  • Work with the Service Chair to initiate mentorship and tutoring programs for Muslim high schoolers in the Columbus area.


Noor Al-Hashemi

Female Co-Education

About Noor

Salam friends! My name is Noor, I’m a third year genetics major and I’d like to be your female co-education chair for ‘20-’21. This past year, I was the service chair and had a blast getting to know you while serving the community. However, for this upcoming year I’d love to curate a curriculum that can help us all grow as muslims and world citizens. I partnered with the education chairs this year to bring a halaqa raising awareness for human trafficking and we are currently working on hosting a Shia-Sunni panel as well. I also want to showcase more of our general body’s talent and skills by having events similar to this past year’s poetry slam. I want to have a way for the general body to submit ideas for GBMs/halaqas that they would find interesting, since your voice is just as important as mine! 


  • Resident Advisor (18-)

  • Service Chair, MSA (19-20)

  • Client Relations, MyFamilyPantry (Dec 19-)


  • Broaden the different topics that are discussed; ranging from spirituality, fiqh and akhlaq to covering topics that are important to becoming informed world citizens

  • Help cultivate a caring community where we can grow in our faith together

  • Bring in speakers of diverse backgrounds that reflect the general body’s perspectives, and also speakers who can give us new perspectives

  • To have programs that can help everyone build their personal connection to God but also learn/perfect the practices that help us grow close to God


Amina Basharat


About Amina

Assalamu alaikum everyone! My name is Amina Basharat and I am a second year from Cleveland, Ohio studying Political Science. I became very involved with MSA this year, and have come to love every aspect of it. MSA is unique in that it gave me, and so many others, a welcoming and safe community on campus. Running for Sisterhood Chair, I plan on giving back to MSA what it has given to me in the past year. I’ve  grown tremendously as an individual, student, leader, and a Muslim, and hope to continue this growth next year. Through my participation in MSA year this, I’ve gained quality skills of organization, time management, responsibility, and leadership. I know I’ll be able to bring these characteristics to the role  and I hope to continue improving this organization for the better if I’m elected as your Sisterhood Chair insha’Allah! 


  • Active member of Sisterhood and Marketing Committees, as well as participation in other MSA events.

  • Active member of PASA, volunteer with Adopt-a-School, and currently pledging OSU’s chapter of APO.

  • Held multiple leadership positions throughout high school, including captain of my varsity field hockey team, class representative for Student Government Association, and Vice President for National Honors Society. 


  • Promote inclusivity among the sisters through encouraging members to attend MSA events, specifically post-GBMS and hoods social. 

  • Build and strengthen relations with other religious and cultural organizations on campus.

  • Encourage better communication among board members and stronger relationships with the general body members as well.

  • Properly plan out events, focusing on the details that tend to be forgotten or left to sort itself out last minute. 


Najmo Abdinur


About Najmo

My name is Najmo Abdinur and I am a freshman at Ohio State University. In high school, I volunteered at the American Red Cross aiding the volunteer connection center that made badges, screened and referred volunteers through the our chapter. Joining the service committee at OSU, I began volunteering at various organizations planned or recommended by the committee such as project downtown and the food pantry. I also volunteer with the James Cancer Center every Thursday morning to not only gain more experience in the field I wish to study in, but to work first hand around people who need it. I aid in getting them water, where they need to be and being a faster connection between them and the front desk.  


  • Volunteered at the American Red Cross writing cards, screening volunteers and working through Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents

  • Volunteered at MyFamilyPantry to disperse food and aid on carts to help unload in cars

  • Volunteered at Project Downtown, making sandwiches for homeless people


  • To reestablish the connections between service and other organizations and to make new connections with new organizations both in our communities and at school 

  • To continue to aid people through food dispersal, physical volunteering and possibly branch out to include hygiene products

  • To include more school organizations in the service committee in order to reach into the school community for aid and perspective

  • To create an environment where we continue to help and serve those around us 


Sarah Siddiqui

Female Co-President

About Sarah

Assalamu alaykum! I am a third-year Economics major from Dayton, Ohio hoping to serve as your Female Co-President for the upcoming year. This year as Co-Education Chair, I planned halaqas and GBMs and initiated various circles of learning. Broadly, I aim to facilitate faith-based thinking and improve the Muslim experience at OSU through institutionalized mentorship and campus spaces. Moreover, with the current trials Muslims are facing both domestically and internationally, I hope to create more communal bonds and stimulate engagement in advocacy.


  • MSA Female Co-Education Chair

  • Muslim Youth of North America (Vice President, Convention Chair)


  • Access to religious and spiritual mentorship

  • More pathways of engagement for on-campus students

  • Faculty member outreach

  • Strengthening of alumni association


Dena Hussain

Female Co-Outreach

About Dena

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum. My name is Dena and I am a second year student majoring in Public Health with a specialization in Sociology. One part of my favorite undergraduate experiences at OSU has been in MSA; I have made friendships, learned about cultures, strengthened my spirituality, and overall felt more connected to and at home at OSU. Outreach is an appealing position to me because the art reaching out to new types of people and trying new things that we may not think to do at first is something I believe can spur growth and inspire young Muslims. In a big city such as Columbus, there is a lot of potential to learn about a variety of topics, meet people from all walks of life, explore new places, and bring communities to our MSA so that we can connect on a personal level. Furthermore, I believe that networking on OSU’s campus (whether with cultural, academic, or social organizations) can help maximize student’s experiences within MSA. Although it seems like a long time, our few years in undergraduate school can fly by quickly and having a space on campus where Muslims students can feel safe, learn, and practice Islam is imperative to our wellbeing during this time in our lives. 


  • MSA member for the past two years 

  • Muslim Interscholastic Tournament 

  • Cleveland Museum of Art Museum Ambassador 


  • Collaborate with other OSU cultural or academic organizations

  • Take advantage of Columbus’s diverse cultures and institutions by networking and exploring such

  • Explore Ohio State’s unique and popular sights and activities as social outings 

  • Hold events that teach to students in an interactive and informative manner about a variety of topics - ranging from Islam itself to Islam’s history to the diverse cultures of Muslims on campus


Aghiad Daboul

Male Co-Education

About Aghiad

Assalamu Alaikum,
My name is Aghiad Daboul and I’m a 3rd year student from Toledo, OH majoring in Microbiology. Some of my major interests are languages, history, and sports. As a proud Muslim and someone who has been a part of Muslim communities throughout my life, I understand the great benefit that a strong community can bring, especially for Muslims at such a large university like Ohio State. It is for that reason that I have always wanted to be able to dedicate my time, effort, experiences, and skills with the aim of making a positive impact on the MSA and hopefully improving the experience of Muslims on campus as a whole. Above all, I recognize and appreciate the tremendous impact that this organization has had on me, and I really want to be able to pay that back in any way that I am able to.


  • MSA Male Co-Outreach Chair 2019-2020

  • Ohio State Residence Life Office Assistant 2017-2019

  • Masjid Saad (Toledo) Youth Group President 2015-2017 


  • Bringing new knowledgeable and respected Islamic speakers from around the region to Ohio State for halaqas and GBMs

  • Creating a diverse range of events that touch on a variety of important relevant and useful topics to help foster greater knowledge and awareness in the Ohio State Muslim community

  • Building on and expanding Quran circles, Tajweed programs, Quranic Arabic lessons/practice 

  • Working with Outreach to organize consistent Dawah trainings and tables throughout the next school year 


Khalid Dada


About Khalid

Salam, my name is Khalid Dada and I am currently a first year health sciences major. I have been apart of the MSA family since 2010 when my siblings would bring me to weekly GBM’s. In 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to experience the MSA board as a high schooler as an intern who sat on the Board. Throughout my high school career I stayed involved in masjid activities at NICC for preparation of my work with MSA. If voted in as Brotherhood chair, I plan on involving the community to assist me in planning events that people would be interested in. My ideal goal would be to have a completely diverse general body which includes everyone.


  • Sat on the 2017-2018 MSA Executive board as a high school intern.

  • Have worked on many muslims boards through the years including NICC Youth department, MIST, Secretary of Hidayah

  • Institute a Non-Profit organization.
    Succesfully led large scale Muslim events, for example the NICC Youth conference which holds around 400-500 people yearly, also this years revival of BUCK-I-SLAM which brought back interest of the event.


  • Recruitment of new people and revival in brotherhood of the Muslim community at OSU.

  • Use the brotherhood committee to find the interests of the general body of MSA to plan social events that people would love to attend.

  • Bringing energy to board meetings and incorporating new ideas which will bring the board closer and act as a family for the best results of our team.

  • Transforming BUCK-I-SLAM to its own event which could bring in revenue outside of MSA Midwest. The event took place this year and gained interest from people all around Ohio which could potentially bring in profit for the MSA.


Rafay Khan


About Rafay

Salaam everybody, my name is Rafay Khan and I’m a Junior majoring in Finance, minoring in neuroscience with aspirations of medical school. I have been your finance chair for the 2019-2020 academic year and am hoping to do it again for this upcoming year. My aim is to find innovative new ways to bolster funding for the MSA. Feel free to contact me regarding the MSA or OSU in general.


  • Finance Chair MSA 19-20

  • Finance Chair API 19-20

  • Assistant Portfolio Manager at RASAZA LLC


  • Initiate passive income stream through Alumni Association

  • Further cultivate partnerships with other college organizations and college departments in order to facilitate bigger events 

  • Create a multifaceted budget adaptable to a multitude of emergency scenarios

  • Improve fundraising efficiency


Maihan Mahboob


About Maihan

Hello! I’m Maihan and I’m a second year Visual Communication Design student (that’s just a long way of saying Graphic Design) with a minor in Social Psychology. I transferred to OSU-Columbus at the beginning of last semester from OSU’s regional campus in Mansfield. While there, I spent the school year as one of two social media ambassadors; my job came down to marketing and promoting on-campus events. In high school I enjoyed photography and took it for three years, which included the AP photography class during my senior year. I was also part of the yearbook committee and had the chance to digitally design a large portion of the book. I’ve been a part of MSA’s Media committee for this past semester and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to bring some of my own ideas to the table!


  • Social Media Ambassador at OSU-Mansfield during my first year

  • Yearbook committee in high school

  • AP photography


  • Generate larger turnout at MSA events

  • Create an inclusive and welcoming environment at MSA

  • Get more people to engage with us through our social media platforms

  • Connect with alumni and future Muslim OSU students

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