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Frequently asked questions about MSA-OSU

How do I get more involved in MSA?

Become a member through our website, attend our weekly events which can be located on the website calendar, and even join a committee directed by the executive board.

How do I join the mailing list?

You can join the mailing list by going to our homepage and scrolling down to where it says "newsletter."

Where can I get MSA merchandise from?

Visit our store! Click the store page and select the product you wish to buy. Then when it's ready you'll get an email for the next steps! 

How do I run for a position on the board?

Our applications come out during the spring semester. Try speaking to a current board member of your desired position to see if position is suitable for you. Lastly, join the committee belonging to your desired position.

How can I stay in the loop with MSA events during the semester?

There are two ways you can stay in the loop with MSA events:

  1. Through the MSA website, sign up for our emailing list, follow us on social media, and join Sisterhood or Brotherhood group chat to stay up to date on the latest MSA events. 

  2. Social media accounts:

    • Facebook: MSA OSU 

    • Instagram: @muslimbuckeyes

    • Twitter: @msa_osu

What are the big events MSA holds/partakes in throughout the year?

  • Fall and Spring BBQs

  • Annual Benefit Dinner

  • Discover Islam Week

  • MSA Midwest Conference

What’s included with a membership?

  • FREE entry to Big First Event

  • Discounted admission to any in-person events

  • Ability to run and vote in elections

  • Added to our mailing list

  • Chance to apply to an $1000K Scholarship from Noor Islamic Cultural Center (as offered). 

  • Keeps MSA alive and running!

How can I donate to MSA and where do my donations go?

Please refer to our homepage or donate page. Donations help us fund events for members, allow us to bring important and notable speakers to campus for our events, cater to the needs of muslims on campus, etc. 

How has MSA been expanding?

The MSA has been pushing additional prayer spaces, making connections with the University Counseling Consultation Services, and expanding opportunities for members through offering volunteer hours and shadowing hours. We are also working on a new website!

Do I have to be outwardly “religious” to join MSA? 

MSA is a community that is structured to accommodate for your religious and spiritual needs regardless of your background. We do our best to value each of our attendees for their strengths and believe that each person has something unique to offer to our organization. We don’t want to be the organization that only outwardly “religious” or “pious” kids come to. We want to be involved in your life as a source of support, friendship, and motivation. If you are not already, talk to an MSA board member near you about how you can better utilize your MSA.

Where is the MSA office?

The MSA office is located on the second floor of the Ohio Union in the Keith B. Key Center for Student Leadership and Service in Room 3086D. Feel free to stop by the office to talk to board members and learn more about MSA!

How can I get involved in a committee?

There are many committees being utilized by MSA this year. The easiest way to inquire about them is to speak to a board member directly or keep an eye out for our emails where we list committee meeting times every week. You can check out our committee page to learn more about committees and their members!

Do I have to be a member/Muslim to attend MSA events?

MSA events are open to the general public, and we welcome anyone who would like to join us. You do not have to be Muslim to become a member.

I’d like to attend a board meeting

Board Meetings are open to General Body Members. If you would like to come, please send us an email and we will contact you with more information.

I have an idea for a GBM, Halaqa, Jummah, or event, etc.

Contact us through our website, email, social media, or by stopping in during office hours.

Jumma, halal food, roomate search, prayer spaces and more about Islam 

For questions regarding these topics, please refer to the dedicated pages that can be found in our website menu, or contact a board member for more specific questions.

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