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Meet the Candidates


Khalid Dada


About Khalid

As-Salam Alaykum everyone!  My name is Khalid and I am a rising senior pursuing a bachelors of Science in Public Policy Analysis. I currently serve as your MSA Co-President and look forward to continuing to serve you as your President. Although I was born and raised in Columbus, my origins lie in Afghanistan. The purpose of my first year as MSA President was to bring the Muslim narrative to the forefront of the Ohio State agenda. This past year, we worked tirelessly to seek justice for Muslims on campus and around the world. I'm delighted to announce that I'll be running alongside Maya, my Vice President, and long-time friend. Anyone who knows Maya will admit she brightens every room she enters. Maya and I, as your next MSA leaders, share lots of similar goals for the upcoming year. I hope we can break tradition and be creative in our event planning and engagement with you all. As you can see, MSA holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to continue to cherish my role as the President of MSA.


Co-President of the Muslim Students’ Association at the Ohio State University 2021-22

Currently Deputy Director of Justice & Equity in the Undergraduate Student Government at the Ohio State University

Brotherhood Chair of the Muslim Students’ Association at the Ohio State University 2020-21


  • Continue to advance the Muslim narrative to the forefront of Ohio State's policy agenda. 

  • Internal MSA Executive Board operations should be better structured to provide the best possible experience for Muslim students at Ohio State. 

  • Development of long-term relationships with Muslim organizations on a local level to unite the Muslim community and make us all stronger. 

  • Developing deeper links with non-Muslim student and local organizations to spread knowledge of our principles and practices.


Maya Mattan

Vice President

About Maya

Salam all !!! My name is Maya Mattan and I am a rising Junior dual degreeing in Business and Journalism. I was born and raised here in Cbus :) but my roots and heart will forever be in Damascus, Syria! I am the current Sisterhood Chair and Project Downtown Director for MSA (don't ask how I ended up with both lol). I am super passionate about writing and traveling with friends and family ! I love rewatching New Girl for the millionth time, and spending quality moments with loved ones! This year, I have the pleasure to run with not only the most dedicated man I know, but my best friend, Khalid Dada. Inshallah this year we can continue to grow MSA and represent Muslims everywhere! I want to ensure MSA is a safe space and welcoming community for all!  I am thrilled to be able to continue to serve and connect with my MSA community, but most importantly my Muslim ummah Inshallah! 


Sisterhood Chair, MSA (2022 - present)

Project Downtown Director,  MSA (2021 - present)

Youth Coordinator, NICC  (2021 - present)


  • Fostering a welcoming environment for all students of all backgrounds

  • Creating a safe inclusive space for Muslims on campus 

  • Educating and spreading knowledge to students and faculty about out beliefs 

  • Focusing on the internal structure to serve the community

Sabriya Zaman


About Sabriya

Asalamu-alykum everyone! My name is Sabriya, and I am currently a sophomore studying Business-Economics with a minor in Bioethics. My hometown is Solon, OH which is near Cleveland. In the little free time I have, I enjoy working out, watching anime, hanging out with friends, playing board/card games, and traveling. I have been in Muslim Students’ Association since my freshmen year. I was an active member of the Sisterhood Committee, and now I serve as the IT Chair for MSA. I believe that I would make a great Secretary because of the organizational, time-management, and dedication that I have demonstrated not only in my current leadership position in MSA, but also in other parts of my life. I work as an HR Assistant and have experience with working in a fast-paced environment where I must schedule multiple time-sensitive meetings simultaneously. Aside from having the technical skills required for this role…MSA has a chokehold on me. The sense of community I feel in this club is incomparable to any other organization I have been a part of. Without fail, the people in MSA have become synonymous with home for me. Therefore, I want to help make MSA even better so that more people can find their chosen family within our club. 


Current MSA IT Chair 

Mentor and Professional Development Committee Member for Law and Society Scholars

Human Resources Student Assistant at OTDI


  • Preserve MSA’s reputation by adhering to room booking deadlines, completing necessary paperwork, and keeping our board members accountable.

  • Work more closely with the Media Committee to ensure that rooms (i.e. floor number)  are easily accessible on marketing material. 

  • Cultivate a safe environment for members to speak about issues that they are passionate about.

  • Maintain effective communication between the executive board, general body members, and Union staff.


Hajira Dada


About Hajira

Salam Alaikum everyone! My name is Hajira Dada, and I am a second year Accounting student at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. I was born and raised right here in Columbus (at Ohio State’s hospital, so I’m a Buckeye baby!) to Afghan immigrants. I served as the treasurer of the Muslim Students Association during the previous term, and am currently going for my second year Inshallah. During my time with MSA, I was able to make lifelong connections and friends for life, while also building my professional skills. I am super thankful to be a part of this community, and I hope to continue to serve it. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, eating Chipotle, and binge watching Cobra Kai.


Treasurer, Muslim Students Association

Intern, CAIR-Ohio

Program Chair, MYImpact


  • Finding partners who would want to sponsor MSA and the different events held

  • Maintaining budgets for each sub-committee and the organization as a whole

  • Apply for appropriate grants to bring in funds throughout the year

  • Maintain a successful Alumni and Parent Association to bring in monthly cash flows

Zuhair Bdeir


About Zuhair

Assalam ‘alaykum, my name is Zuhair Bdeir and I am a junior at Fisher College of Business, specializing in Logistics and Operations. I was raised in my home city of Damascus, Syria for over half my life before moving to Beirut, Lebanon when schools closed due to the war. I ended up coming to Ohio in 2017, where I graduated from Hilliard Darby High School. My strong faith and investment in the Muslim Ummah are firmly rooted in my religious upbringing in Damascus and Beirut. They’re complemented by what I have seen since joining the Columbus and Ohio State Muslim community–that our strength in America is through our solidarity, and that our solidarity is underpinned by our diversity. I appreciate the position I often find myself in as a bridge between Muslims in the Islamic World and the West, always looking for opportunities to share my experiences and learn from others’ towards strengthening our universal bonds insha’ Allah. My pursuing an education here is for that ultimate purpose of serving the Ummah in any way I can while never losing sight of our Islamic values. I would be humbled to receive the votes of the community so that we can implement these principles in every aspect of our organization and further expand. The Treasury is where the MSA’s growth begins and ends, so let’s get to work.


Chief of staff for nonprofit Nour International, which worked to educate Syrian & Palestinian refugee children in Beirut.

Shadowing my father in his work as the CEO of a large manufacturing company in Syria, especially in accounting.

Over two years of customer service experience in a prepaid telecommunications company dealing with all kinds of folks and acquiring people skills


  • Build a receptive financing infrastructure that can be sustained for years ahead, allowing MSA to expand.

  • Develop/reinforce relations with MSA alumni businesses, national Islamic organizations, and the NICC.

  • Maintain a bare minimum budget for all departments to continue functioning from start to finish of semester through discipline and collaboration.

  • Create bylaws that, among other things, regulate discretionary spending to avoid wasteful expenditures not directly contributing to our community.

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 3.16.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 3.17.52 AM.png

Rayan Hassan

Co-Outreach Chair

About Rayan

Assalamu Alaykum, My name is Rayan Hassan. I am a second year student studying Computer Science Software Engineer and Minoring in Business Analysis. I’m currently involved in a few clubs on campus as well as a member of the Phi Sigma Sorority. I also do have a life outside of school which I enjoy a few hobbies I picked up over the past couple of years as well as involvements in the community. I decided to run for the Co-Outreach Chairperson because I would love to build strong connections in the Muslim community. As well as make an impact at OSU  by creating an environment that can socially accept and welcome everyone. 


Community service Club” I was able to take part in my community service club in high school from my sophomore year-senior year. I was able to be a part of events and help give back to the community during the services. 

“Purpose Club” I took part in a club called the Purpose Club which helped create and establish resources for the youth in Columbus. 

“Volunteered at local Masjid” I was able to give back to my community by volunteering at my local masjid. I worked on giving back especially during the month of Ramadan.


  • Utilizing my resources in order to obtain strong connections between organizations, leaders/spoke leaders, to establish well mannered relationships in the community to bring direct impact on MSA along with the Muslims in Columbus, Ohio. 

  • Another goal of mine would be expanding  MSA at OSU. By doing so, it can help to create more opportunities for the club. 

  • Collaborating with others is an important aspect in being a great leader. The Co-Outreach is responsible for the business aspect of MSA as well, which my goal for this especially as a leader, is to ensure I handle the income and profits as well as the money needed to fund these events. 

  • Ensuring I complete my responsibilities as the co-outreach in contributing to planning club event’s, I plan on assisting events that are able to impact individuals with these events.

Adel Kanaan

Co-Outreach Chair

About Adel

Assalamu Alaykum everyone! My name is Adel Kanaan and I am a current sophomore majoring in Business on the pre-medical track. My family currently lives in Toledo, OH but we are originally from Aleppo, Syria. I love anything soccer related- played my entire life and watch almost every premier league and champions league game. But now in my free time I either workout, play fifa with friends, further educate myself religiously, or play with my 2 year old baby brother at home alhamdulillah. In recent years, I have developed a soft heart along with strong leadership qualities towards my passions. This process started with a service trip to Guatemala a few summers ago, where, in summary, I aided and educated families and young students living in impoverished living conditions (a Zone 3 area). This experience inflamed my heart, and largely pushed me in the direction of medicine. Additionally, in my morale coordinator and director of transportation positions, I learned how to effectively communicate with others- verbally in person or via weekly emails to address certain deadlines, events, and expectations. Having a soft heart along with effective leadership qualities is what I strive for everyday, to be 1% better. Thank you!


Morale Coordinator- BuckeyeThon

Director of Transportation- College Mentors for Kids

Guatemala Service Trip


  • Alhamdulillah Mentality 

  • To Educate Others and Give Dawah Via Example

  • Develop and Maintain Healthy Islamic Relationships

  • To Find Ease in Times of Frustration and Difficulty

Zaneh Mahmoud

Co-Outreach Chair

About Zaneh

Salam! My name is Zaneh Mahmoud.  I was raised in Dublin, Ohio. I’m one of 5 kids with 3 brothers, a sister, and my cat Blue. I ‘m a first-year commuter student. I’m majoring in Biology, minoring in Arabic, and on the Pre-Med track. Aside from school, I love traveling, whether in the states or internationally. I enjoy long road trips with good company. A lot of my time is spent in NJ visiting family. I’ve been to Syria and Egypt, both countries my parents immigrated from. In my downtime, I like watching  good movies or shows. My comfort show will always be “Grey's Anatomy”, and my favorite movie is “Shrek 2”. Furthermore, I’m ecstatic to be running for Co-Outreach Chair.  Being a part of the MYImpact Committee at NICC in the past has prepared me well for this role. It allowed me to build strong connections with masjid leaders, CAIR members, taught me how to professionally reach out to speakers/organizations, and allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with my committee members. As excited as I am to be running for this position, I’m just as excited to just continue being a part of MSA throughout my time at OSU.


MYImpact Committee’s Poetry Slam Chair at NICC

OSU Wexner Medical Center Volunteer

Certified Trainer at Fusian


  • Build a support system for Muslims on and off campus. Ensure that MSA builds strong relationships with not only the organizations on campus, but also organizations in the Columbus community. 

  • Plan large events that have not been done before in collaboration with sister orgs to inform the student body about Islam and possibly break stereotypes. Involving other organizations will allow for the word to get out about these events while also building connections between Muslims and those from other cultural/religious backgrounds (example: World hijab day events, “talk to a muslim” ). 

  • Build upon Muslim representation both on and off campus. This can be done through establishing and maintaining strong relationships with city and business leaders that have a direct impact on Muslim lives in Columbus. 

  • Build stronger relationships with masjids in Columbus aside from NICC. Working with other masjids will allow for their communities to grow as well as ours. In addition, MSA will be a more inclusive organization.


Wasim Elsharkwy

Co-Outreach Chair

About Wasim

I spent the first 16 years of my life in the small desert country of Kuwait where I was comfortably surrounded by Muslims, mosques, my family and my childhood friends. Leaving all of that and coming to Ohio was the single most eye opening experience of my life; it allowed me to find new hobbies, like archery and made me consider studying in a major I had never thought of before (there isn’t much environment to engineer in the mostly flat desert of Kuwait). However, the most important thing I learned to appreciate after I moved was my Islam. Growing up in a muslim majority country then moving to one where I was a minority made me realize the importance of community, and that’s part of the reason why I’m running for the MSA board: to help strengthen the Muslim community at OSU.


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award (involved keeping logs on different activities and communicating with teachers/coaches within my school and outside if it)

Solon Education TV (filmed school events, sports games, etc.)


  • To provide educational opportunities and partnerships with local mosques

  • To allow the Muslims of OSU  to feel free and safe in their Muslim idenentity 

  • To find ways members of the MSA can enjoy their time at OSU without compromising on their faith, morals and ideals

  • To bring the MSA and the broader Columbus Muslim community together


Haanya Ijaz

Co-Outreach Chair

About Haanya

Salam! My name is Haanya Ijaz. I’m a first year student in the Neuroscience program. I’m from Hilliard, Ohio, and grew up going to the NICC mosque. Throughout middle school and high school, I was extremely involved within the youth space at NICC, especially as President and Assistant Youth Coordinator of the Youth Board/Committee at NICC. Through my experiences, I’ve voiced my passion for amplifying the voices of young Muslims, and creating opportunities by connecting with speakers, organizations, and businesses. Moreover, aside from NICC, I have strong connections with the Executive Board of CAIR, as well as with MYProjectUSA. I’m also passionate about journalism; in my high school, I was Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper, and throughout high school, used journalism to highlight marginalized voices. I’m also currently a freelance writer for the Lantern. As a native of Columbus, I also have developed networks and connections with local organizations, nonprofits, and coalitions within Ohio. Aside from my professional experiences, some of my hobbies include painting/sketching, reading, and exploring coffee shops in Columbus with my friends. Some of my passions include learning about Middle Eastern, African and South Asian history, political geography, philosophy, neuroscience, and socioeconomic inequities.


NICC MYImpact President + Assistant Youth Coordinator

Editor-in-Chief of the Wildcat Newspaper

Co-founder of Covid-19 Box Supply Project @ NICC


  • Build stronger relationships with local masjids in Columbus to develop and collaborate on initiatives, events, highlight more diverse local speakers, and spotlight community initiatives 

  • Working with CAIR and NICC Civic Education Board to promote a more active engagement of young Muslims within civic engagement, and supporting young Muslims interested in working on policy change + lobbying

  • Planning and developing more collaborative events with other organizations and clubs on campus, to create a more diverse variety of MSA events, widen the scope/outreach of MSA, and increase da’wah

  • Creating and developing events based on the input and feedback from members, and utilizing this feedback and input in an effective way

Haniya Khan

Female Co-Education

About Haniya

Salam! My name is Haniya Khan, and I am a freshman majoring in health sciences, minoring in Arabic, and on a pre-dental track. I have two younger siblings, and a fluffy cat named Zuzu. My parents are both from India and Urdu is my first language! On the weekends, I love spending time at the masjid and giving back to the community that has done so much for me. I work as a Sunday school teacher, assist MyImpact a youth group, and participate in food drives with my dad! I also love to cook and have a cooking account on tik tok and Instagram! I recently started working in social media, and help run a skincare business with my mom, and assist in marketing for a custom muslim gift business, Humraha-Gifts. I love learning about Islam and redisocovering my deen :) One of the main reasons I am minoiring in Arabic is to help me better understand the Quran! I love finding new and creative ways to involve myself and my friends in our deen, and I can't wait to  be able to do this at a larger scale as a member of MSA.


  1. Sunday School Quran and Arabic Teacher

  2. My Impact Committees Venue Chair

  3. Social Media Manager for Humraha-Gifts and TheOasisNatural


  • My first goal for MSA would be to provide a space for Muslims on campus to feel like they can grow Islamically. Sometimes, religious gatherings can be overwhelming for new students or individuals with anxiety, and I hope to be able to create a fun, welcoming, and safe environment for all MSA members.

  • My second goal for MSA through the education chair position is working with incoming freshmen and creating a buddy system! I want to create a program or system that does an MSA freshman orientation, in which we educate everyone about the different prayer rooms, halal food options, how to navigate around campus and many other topics. 

  • I would also want to incorporate ways on how we can get volunteer, internship, and job opportunities for students in their respective fields. 

  • Lastly, as Ramadan is approaching more and more into the school year, I hope to have and lead Qiyams at OSU. Some of my most favorite memories are the Qiyams I attended as a kid, and I miss them.


Uroosa Khan

Female Co-Education

About Uroosa

Assalamualaikum y'all! My name is Uroosa Khan and I am a sophomore majoring in social work. I currently go to a regional campus, so I am new to the main campus, however I am super excited to get to know everyone! I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived here ever since I was 2 years old, so I am a true buckeye at heart! I have always loved working with the Muslim community, and I aspire to work with the Muslim college community too. Some things I like to do are watching shows, listening to podcasts, going out with friends, and going to MSA events! I am specifically interested in the education co-chair position because I am excited to bring students together to have important discussions, strengthen our faith, and eat some good food. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and becoming better muslims together. 


Planning events at the NICC with the youth board, and bringing in speakers from different parts of the country.

Interning with CAIR-OH and planning a fun and educational event that brought in about 100 people.

Working with the youth at NICC, teaching them things about Islam and the Quran


  • Having faith based discussions that allow everyone to feel safe and included

  • Not steering away from uncomfortable conversations but embracing them

  • Having fun while learning new things about our faith

  • Bringing in speakers that can educate us and enlighten us


Salma Albezreh

Female Co-Education

About Salma

Assalamualaikum! My name is Salma Albezreh, I’m  a Public Health Major here at OSU. Along with public health, I am also interested in psychology, medicine, peace literacy and history. 

Back home in Dayton, I served as the Dayton Mercy Society Youth Board President for two years, working with my team to establish regular programming, write a constitution, and set the foundation for the organization's first ever youth board. I also volunteered for the Muslim Social Services of Dayton, tutoring every Sunday and coaching girl’s soccer for immigrant muslim youth. This year I have had the opportunity to begin as an editorial assistant for the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, contributing to the scholarly study of religion within the social sciences, including psychology, sociology, political science, and anthropology. 

I have also been working with the OSU MSA to start a weekly Quran circle titled “Companions of the Cave” where we read surah al-Kahf together and remind one another of the beauty of our faith through discussion and reflection. It has become one of the highlights of my college experience.Finally, when I’m not stressing over chemistry , I love spending time hiking, making coffee for friends, and writing poetry.


Dayton International Peace Museum Board Member and Education Committee Member (2019-2022)

Dayton Mercy Society Mosque Youth Board President (2019-2021)

The Interfaith Forum of Greater Dayton Board Member and Public Relations Chair (2018-2020)


  • Bringing a diverse spectrum of speakers on a regular basis to speak on topics such as environmental justice, racial justice, the tradition of psychology in Islam, lessons in peacebuilding, Islam in the prison system, and Islamic history. Speakers may come from our own faith community, or others, as well as include OSU faculty, muslim professionals, prominent scholars and emerging leaders. 

  • Organizing retreats and workshops while building strong brotherhood and sisterhood. This could be in the form of traveling  to conferences, planning hiking trips, hosting our own workshops or traveling to attend others, and even gauging interest for trips to umrah or hajj. 

  • Collaborative events with other MSAs while engaging the MSA community for feedback on what they would like to see. 

  • Continuing spiritual programming like the weekly quran circles and expanding to include qiyams, fajr halaqas, quran memorization partnerships, dhikr and quran study spaces, all while maintaining a spirit of openness, honesty, and personal growth.

Amnah Ali

Female Co-Education

About Amnah

Assalamu Alaykum! I’m Amnah Ali, and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a rising sophmore majoring in psychology. A little about me: I’m the oldest of two other siblings. I love spending time with family and friends, travelling, playing tennis, and making new friends. I’m enjoying my time at OSU, but one thing that I miss a lot is being an active participant with my family at my masjid back home. I’m really grateful to have MSA here because I really feel strongly about staying connected to our muslim identity, especially being far from home. If elected as the co-edcation chair, I look forward to bringing on some more new exciting and motivational programming to help us stay connected to Islam and community. I would be honored to serve MSA and my fellow muslim brothers and sisters in any capacity.

Thank you!


Active member of the youth committee at the Cleveland Mosque

Link Crew Leader 

Substitute sunday school teacher at my mosque back home as well as tutored Afghan Refugee kids.


  • Spread more awareness of Islam on campus

  • Educate and create a sense of appreciation of the core Islamic teachings

  • Create unity between all of us! 

  • Create a social, moral, educational, religous support network for Muslim students on campus.

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 3.09.15 AM.png

Hasan Abaza

Male Co-Education

About Hasan

My name is Hasan Abaza. I am a first year student here at OSU on a pre-med track, with a Health Sciences major and an Arabic minor. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio just outside of Columbus, where I attended the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. I have had the opportunity since coming to OSU to give khutbah for Friday prayers multiple times, something I used to do in high school after starting a scheduled Jummah with the help of the school administration. I am passionate about Islamic education and place great value in furthering my deen. As brothers’ education co-chair, I hope to become more involved with the MSA, strengthen the community I am serving, and form strong bonds with my Muslim brothers and sisters. With Allah’s help, I aim to work with the community to increase us all in our spiritual and emotional wellbeing through religious and educational programming.


Organizing and giving khutbah for Friday prayers in middle and high school

Years of Quran and Islamic study through the Masjid, such as Saturday school

Affinity group leader in the Students of Color Union in high school


  • Focusing on the foundations of Islam: Akeedah and Akhlaaq

  • Facilitating an easy way for the general body to request khutbah and halaqa topics 

  • Organizing small, self-run halaqa groups with weekly prompts to discuss more in-depth topics

  • Education outreach to the whole campus of OSU


Jamil Aboushaar

Male Co-Education

About Jamil

Assalamu Alaikum! I am Jamil Aboushaar, a first year neuroscience major on the pre-med track. I was born and raised in Charleston, WV and am originally from Syria. Ever since I became a part of this MSA, I knew I wanted to join the board and contribute to this organization. There is so much good that this organization does and I wanted to be a part of it and put forth my best effort to make a positive impact on its work. As I was attending events throughout the past semester, I had many ideas come to mind that I believe would really benefit the MSA and Muslims on campus in general. A lot of these ideas are specific to the education department, hence why I'm running to be your male co-education board member. I would really appreciate it if you would vote for me. It would be my absolute honor to take on this role and I'll do everything that I can to ensure that I lead a successful year.


MYNA Midwest Camp Committee Chair (current)

Ran halaqas at local masjid for the youth

Planned and lead a weekend-long spiritual and leadership retreat for the masjid community.


  • Increase attendance and commitment to weekly halaqas 

  • Bring back the annual Midwest Conference

  • Make an effort to educate students on campus about Islam

  • Establish Ramadan-specific programs as Ramadan continues to move into the school year


Iman Sattar


About Iman

Iman is a first year studying neuroscience and political science on the pre-medicine track. While her education is currently very science heavy, she has a background in the arts and graphic design. She has a plethora of marketing experience from creating graphics and running the social media of various other NPOs and organizations. She also runs the social media for three businesses and is responsible for creating the branding, graphics, and posting for all three. Not only does she have experience in marketing, but she also has experience on MSA executive boards. During high school, her MSA was comparable in size to that of OSU, and she served as the President and Event Coordinator, both of which taught her a lot about leadership and teamwork. Additionally, she has served as the South Central Regional Executive Committee Chair for the Muslim Youth of North America where she was responsible for managing her committee as well as reporting to others about the work being done. This unique background gives her many new ideas and perspectives to bring to MSA. In her free time, Iman enjoys baking, teaching, and skating.


Graphics and Marketing for the Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)

McMillen High School MSA and Plano East Senior High MSA Executive Boards

East Plano Islamic Center Youth Core, Sisters’ Representative, Programming Director, Marketing


  • Create a welcoming environment and show students all that there is to love about MSA and why they should come

  • Establish a brand for MSA of graphic styles, color palettes, fonts, and themes to create lasting cohesion

  • Reach new audiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim students on campus and maintaining involvement and outreach throughout the year

  • Communicate all events, opportunities, and narratives broadly and affectively across our platforms and make our social media a place that Muslim students can go to find anything and everything they could need to know about MSA.

Elsa Wani


About Elsa

Salaam everyone! My name is Elsa Wani and I’m a first-year student, studying Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. I was born and raised in Hilliard, Ohio. Apart from school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I grew up as an only child, so I’ve always been super close to my parents. I also love to travel and always look forward to going to Kashmir every summer, the town my parents immigrated from! As a person, I’m super extroverted and love to learn more about people and their backgrounds, which was one of the big reasons as to why I joined MSA. This year, I’m so excited to be running for the Marketing Chair position for MSA, and being able to contribute to my local Muslim student community! I’ve always grown up being involved in my surrounding Muslim community, so the opportunity to do that here at OSU is definitely something I am passionate about. I’m big on providing a welcoming and comfortable aura to people, and, given the opportunity, I definitely want to build upon making MSA seem as accessible to the student body as possible!


MyImpact Youth Committee 

MyFamily Pantry Volunteer 

Student Research Employee at OSU Wexner Medical Center


  • As such a big student organization, I know that first impressions of MSA on students can have a lasting impact. That’s why, I want to emphasize on making sure that we provide as much accessibility through marketing as possible. As the Marketing Chair, I would like to focus on how the branding of MSA can be accommodating and informative for both Muslims and non-Muslims interested in MSA. 

  • I would like to increase the social media footprint of MSA because I believe it can connect more with our student body. Marketing is what bridges MSA’s work all the way to the audience, so I believe that providing more content and insight (through wider platforms) of what we’re doing, as an organization, can leave more of an impact on our relationship with the student body. 

  • One of the big roles of marketing, especially in MSA, is to build and establish reputation. My biggest priority and goal for MSA is to uphold its reputation and do my best to be able to fulfill my role in making MSA a reputable organization for the entirety of OSU. 

  • As such an active organization, I know MSA is holding events almost on a weekly basis. One of my goals is to be able to successfully market each event through creative methods that can attract audiences and boost the popularity in the eyes of the student body.


Misha Sohail


About Misha

Assalamu Alaikum everyone! My name is Misha and I am a current senior at Worthington Kilbourne High School planning to study Neuroscience at OSU next year. In my free time I love to read, spend time with friends and take on various creative projects. I am very excited to join MSA next year and would love to play an active role in the association. I see the position of Marketing Chair as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is involved not only in planning fun events, but also the spiritual betterment of all the members. I also hope to use our social media platforms to empower all the Muslims on our campus. With my previous experience in marketing positions, I believe I have acquired the skill set to run social media accounts as well as work well in a team. It would be an honor to be your Marketing Chair next year!


MyImpact committee Marketing Head 

National Honors Society Marketing Head

Student Council Vice President and Marketing Chairperson


  • Educate students and faculty about Islam to create more awareness

  • Encourage civic participation through community service events

  • Foster a strong sense of community 

  • Encourage more diversity and inclusion


Yusuf Shahzad

IT Chair

About Yusuf

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Yusuf Shahzad and I am a 1st year computer science and engineering major. I grew up in the Columbus area, currently living in Dublin. I have one sister who also attended OSU and is now in law school. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer and basketball. I enjoy traveling, especially to see my family in places like New York and St. Louis. Additionally,  I am a very technology driven person, which is why the role of IT chair would be perfect for me! As a great problem solver, I love doing anything math related. When it comes to technological problems, I can almost always solve them. If anyone  is encountering problems with their devices, I am always open to help!  I am a very organized and detail-oriented person. I never lose track of where my work is and as I apply this to the IT chair position, I would make sure that all of my work is held to the highest standard and regularly updated.


HTML web page development

Excel sheets and website organization for family business

Helped sort through emails with job at SportsOhio


  • Make the website more user friendly and appealing

  • Have members be able to find any necessary info quickly

  • Keep MSA organized regarding emails and forms

  • Be able to support any technological problems


Maryam Baig 

Sisterhood Chair

About Maryam

Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Maryam, I’m a second-year neuroscience major.MSA has been a big part of making my college experience enjoyable and has also been a source of comfort. Being part of an organization that provides an opportunity for students to become closer to Islam while also improving upon our own struggles has enhanced my life as a student at OSU. Through MSA I have been able to meet a lot of sisters that have different backgrounds and stories to tell, but ultimately share the same faith which has made conversation easy. Having the opportunity to make MSA a place of accessibility and comfort for students is really important to me. InshAllah, I hope to unify all the Muslims on campus and make MSA a place where Muslims feel comfortable being themselves, as it does for me.


Frequent volunteer at Noor Clinic (SP21-present)

MY Family Pantry volunteer (AU21-present)

NICC Sunday School Volunteer/TA (AU17-present)


  • Reliability

  • Make MSA an inclusive space for all Muslims 

  • Utilize the sisterhood committee to plan events that cater to students

  • Integrate sisters from out of state with the Columbus community

Anadil Siddiqi 

Sisterhood Chair

About Anadil

Hi, everyone! My name is Anadil Siddiqi and I’m a third year Psychology major, and also a minor in Human Development & Family Sciences. I’m extremely passionate about mental health and suicide prevention advocacy.  I grew up in North Carolina and moved to Ohio about two years ago. 

Outside of school, I pretty much just love hanging out with friends and family. I also love to read- literally pretty much any type of book! My faith is something that is extremely important to me, and is something that I am currently trying to strengthen my relationship with. I am hoping that MSA can help with that :)! I’m specifically interested in the Sisterhood chair mainly because I’d definitely describe myself as a “people-person”. I’m an extrovert, so I think I would succeed in reaching out to people and trying to create a bond between  all the MSA sisters- as well as the members in general!



Current member of Peers Reaching Out, professional cohort of OSU Suicide Pevention Program

Autumn 2021-22 Internship with Behavioral Services of Texas, LLC

Current volunteer assistant teacher for the Youth Girls Halaqa at NICC


  • Make sure that everyone views MSA as a safe space and feels included.

  • Ensure that MSA events are fun for everybody!

  • Encourage members to interact with each other and build relations

  • Make MSA’s environment one where people can be respectful, and even if issues arise- we can get through them in a cohesive manner.


Deena Eldaour

Sisterhood Chair

About Deena

Assalam Alaykum! My name is Deena Eldaour and I’m from Hirbiya, Palestine. I was  born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended high school in Saudi Arabia before moving to Columbus for college. I’m the third child out of seven in total, with our youngest being only 5 years old (a moment of silence for the abandoned middle children out there *dramatic pause*). As a freshman, MSA was my only comfort in a foreign school and city. I attended MSA events to feel at home and to keep myself in touch with my deen. Alhamdullah, I’ve formed valuable friendships and gained experiences I’m extremely thankful for. College is a unique experience and definitely comes with hurdles, and sometimes with just the right amount of support these hurdles become smaller. I chose to run for Sisterhood as an incoming senior so that I could support  current and future MSA members through their hurdles, the same way I found support when I dealt with mine. May Allah bless (to quote our new hoodie)  all مسلم  باكايز !


  1. Treasurer of Students for Justice in Palestine

  2. Social Media & Marketing Chairperson for MY Project USA

  3. Member of SEAD, PCRF, ASU, OAS, LSO, and OSU’s Pre-Dental Club.


  • Foster an inclusive environment and sense of community following Islamic guidelines for Muslim brothers and sisters.

  • Create a safe space where MSA members can trust one other and form genuine connections. 

  • Unify and familiarize MSA sisters, while minimizing any chances of conflict or exclusion.

  • Plan fun social events that promote Islamic teachings and mannerisms among MSA members, and encourage members to seek more knowledge of their religion and cultural backgrounds.


Dani Gamal Abul-Enin

Brotherhood Chair

About Dani

I am a very hard working person that puts 100% effort into everything that I do. I am serious when it is time to be serious and a jokester when I am not working. I love working in groups to get things done and am willing to hear any ideas that people put out so that we can make the MSA a fun and educational place to be. I am willing to do any task no matter how difficult it is. I love meeting new people and getting to know them and how to make them feel welcome in a new place. I have been to many MSA meetings and events. So I am pretty active within the MSA as well as Basketball club, Soccer club, and Running club. I am also part of some of the sister organizations like ASU, OAS, and LSO. I am also very active with project downtown because I believe in helping people who need it and I think it is a great way to show how much I care about people. 


  1. Head associate at Lowe’s for the Tools, Hardware, and Electrical departments.

  2. TA for Signals and systems, TA for Electrical Circuits, Tutor for Calculus 1-Calculus 2, Tutor for Physics.

  3. Co-captain for the freshman high school basketball and soccer teams.


  • Keep the weekly halaqas that we had this semester.

  • Try to get some more sporting and gaming events for the brothers.

  • Get togethers after GBMs so that people can get to know each other and hangout with.

  • Make a group chat for brothers, sisters and one for both so that if people want to pray in congregation they can.


Muhrez Choudhry

Brotherhood Chair

About Muhrez

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Muhrez and I am a second-year biology major from Pickerington, Ohio. MSA has been really important to me in the aspect of getting closer to the religion of Islam by allowing myself to surround myself with other Muslim students. Some of us come from high schools where we were one of the only Muslims in our school and it was hard to express our religion because of the lack of diversity. MSA allows for American Muslim students to surround themselves with other fellow Muslim students and make students feel free to express the religion of Islam. I am going to support this by doing sporting events throughout the semester. I love basketball and football and have met many friends from those sports. Also, sports is a great way for Muslim brothers to meet other fellows Muslims. I also want to do events like paintball, go-karts, laser tag, and other fun activities. In addition, I will have events where brothers can come together and eat out after bigger MSA events. My goal is for any Muslim brother from any background to feel welcomed and comfortable coming to MSA.


  1. Project Downtown Volunteer

  2. MY Family Pantry Volunteer

  3. Special Olympics basketball volunteer


  • To allow any brother from any background to feel welcomed at MSA.

  • To plan fun events that allows brothers to meet other fellow Muslim students.

  • To help muslim students increase their knowledge of the religion of Islam.

  • To end muslim discrimination and to allow all muslim brothers and sisters feel safe on campus.

Yahya Basharat

Service Chair

About Yahya

My name is Yahya Basharat, and if you haven’t put it together yet, I am the brother of your current female Co-President. I come from Cleveland, so not too far from here but Columbus life still feels new. My freshmen year was completely virtual at home so I am now just getting a feel for college life. I am an outgoing person when I need to be and I take my commitments very seriously. I was vice president of the student government body at my high school and I enjoyed it very much, so I thought about taking it up a notch with a bigger community like MSA. Hobby-wise, I like to workout and keep a healthy lifestyle, while also being able to relax and read a good book or watch a funny movie. I would like to believe that people think I am a good overall person, but I will leave that up to you!


Vice President of student government, National Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club (all high school)

Involvement in PD

Captain of Football team (high school)


  • Establish good relationships with board members and work closely with PD chair to ensure efficiency

  • Create a welcoming community where people feel comfortable and can thrive in

  • Host at least two projects a month 

  • Help local communities and people in need through these projects


Layla Khokhar

Project Downtown Chair

About Layla

Assalamu Alaykum! My name is Layla Khokhar and I’m a second year exercise science major and pre-physical therapy.  I love volunteering and I believe that even taking the smallest action makes such a big change. I’ve attended almost every Project Downtown last semester, and so far this semester, and it has been such a great experience. Even though it only takes 1-2 hours, being together with everyone doing this really nice and helpful thing for people who are in need of it really makes a difference. MSA has had a really important impact on my life because it brought me closer to Muslims at OSU and to Islam itself. I always feel welcomed and accepted because of this organization and I would love to be able to do the same for others.


Consistent contributor to Project Downtown (AU21-present)

Counselor at Noor Summer Camp for 3 years (2016-2018)

Member of MyImpact at NICC


  • To be a part of the Muslim community at OSU and encourage other fellow Muslims and non Muslims to be a part of it as well

  • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for all Muslim students on campus

  • To have a bigger and better Muslim representation on campus and citywide

  • To grow a closer relationship with Islam side by side with other Muslim students


Rishi Yusuf Kabir Sirajuddin

Project Downtown Chair

About Rishi

My name is Rishi and I am running for Chair of Project Downtown. As someone who volunteered often in high school, I live to help others. As our beloved Prophet (SAW) said: “A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbor’s is empty.” I am not perfect, and I work to  improve myself everyday through Islam, which encourages one to strive for righteousness and selflessness to improve their character. Because of what I believe in, I am committed to making MSA better in every way. I am running for this position because I am intent on contributing to MSA’s goals to help those in need, and I want to work for you to make our community and city a better place to live.  I would like to advertise Project Downtown better, and gain more interest at Ohio State for what we’re doing because I think it is truly special and pure. Furthermore, I would like to work with different charity organizations to organize trips to places like food banks and soup kitchens across the Columbus area. With your support, InshAllah I guarantee that we can improve Project Downtown and MSA as a family.


100+ hours of volunteering experience in high school

Lead MSA in senior year of high school

Worked in food service for 2 years


  • Gain more public interest at OSU and volunteers for PD

  • Expand our volunteering opportunities, (organize trips to food banks and soup kitchens)

  • Work with different charity organizations across the Columbus area

  • Encourage MSA members to get involved in helping the community

Sundus Deif 

Photography Chair

About Sundus

Assalamu-Alaikum everyone. My name is Sundus Deif, I am a second year speech and hearing science major. I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity. I am from Lorain, Ohio, an area near Cleveland. I am Palestinian and Egyptian born in the US and raised in Kuwait. I moved back here my freshman year of highschool. I have been a member of MSA since my freshman year and I am grateful for the people that I have met and the experiences. Photography is one of my hobbies that I truly enjoy. I try to capture many special moments as I find peace within those moments and the people. I have been doing photography for some years now, more professionally in a highschool club for football, basketball, and volleyball games as well as special events and senior nights.  Furthermore, I am a big believer in advocating for others, especially minorities. I am always here to listen and make others feel welcome, thank you for allowing me to be part of this experience!


Photography position for two years in high school for sport teams and main events 

The Undergraduate Student Government, Member/ Committee Representative (Two years) 

Young Scholars Program (YSP)  scholar and holds a work study position in ODI


  • Advocate for Muslim students to be heard on campus by listening to students and their concerns and working with other members and organizations to present such issues to higher representatives 

  • Collaborating with USG to create accessible prayer spaces on campus 

  • Highlighting the accomplishments of Muslim students around campus by intervieweing them and appreciating their work 

  • Capturing memories of MSA and its events and making it a welcoming space for new students


Maryam Sattar

Photography Chair

About Maryam

Salam! My name is Maryam Sattar and I am currently a Sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. I grew up in Hilliard, Ohio, however I moved to Dallas, Texas for a few years and completed high school there. During high school I was a part of the MSA board, I have many fond memories of events and the people that I met through them. I hope to continue that during college inshaAllah! I have a large variety of photography experience that I have gathered throughout the past few years. Photography started out as just a hobby for me and then when I was a freshman in high school I decided to take a photography class. This caused my interest in photography to grow and I continued self teaching. Since then I have worked as a freelance photographer taking headshots, senior pictures as well as doing event photography. Some of my hobbies besides photography include traveling and trying new coffee shops!


Freelance Photographer 

CAIR Cincinnati & Dayton Banquet 

East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC) Female Head Photographer


  • Creating a space everyone feels welcome in

  • Doing dawah/showing others what MSA is about and what it does

  • Have engaging projects that involve sharing stories

  • Being involved in more volunteer work and giving back to the community

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