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Extending MSA OSU to Everyone

Outreach is an integral part of MSA as well as a principal part of Islam. We are always seeking to expand our community and better understand others. Inclusion is very important to us and we try our best to make all students welcome regardless of their background.

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Outreach Events


Fast-A-Thon is MSA’s annual outreach charity banquet. Through this event we seek to highlight the issue at hand and also bring a panel of diverse community leaders and experts in order to discuss what more can be done. We also aim to educate others about the resources that are available to them at Ohio State and in the city of Columbus.


This year we will be discussing access to healthcare, as it is an issue that affects both the campus and the local communities. 

Check out our dedicated page for more information on this year's event.

Male Speaker

Dawah Tables

We are excited to start our Dawah Tables this year! We’re hoping to have two workshops and two tables per semester inshallah. We hope that through these conversations we are able to help those who seek to learn more about Islam.


As a prerequisite to volunteering at these tables, interested individuals must go through a small interactive workshop aimed to provide our volunteers with some of the skills and knowledge necessary to give dawah on a college campus. Contact us if you’re interested!

Arabic Lessons

Discover Islam Week

The goal of Discover Islam Week is to bridge the gap between Muslims and Non-Muslims. It creates a safe space for dialogue where people can ask and learn more about Islam. Every day during Discover Islam Week we have an event that highlights a different aspect of Islam and the Muslim experience.


Past topics included Taste of MSA, Back to the Basics, and many more. We will be planning this year’s Discover Islam Week during the spring and would love to hear any suggestions. Please contact us if you would like to get involved!


Committee Meetings

A few of our most anticipated events of the year include Fast-A-Thon, Discover Islam Week, and Dawah Tables. To learn more about these events, join our committee and other ways to get involved contact us (information below)

In a Meeting

Outreach Gallery

Behind the Scenes 


Male Co-Outreach

Omar Dahshi


Female Co-Outreach

Heba Raslan

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