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©2019 Muslim Students' Association at The Ohio State University.

Praying on Campus

Here at The Ohio State University, there are plenty of campus prayer spaces. We are closely working with university representatives to better provide for the muslim student and faculty at OSU 

Below is a list of dedicated meditation areas as well as more information on Jumma on campus

Jumma on Campus

1st Jummah at the Ohio Union

12:30pm Interfaith Room, 3rd floor of the Ohio Union

approximately 30-45 minutes 

2nd Jummah at the Ohio Union

2:15pm Interfaith Room, 3rd floor of the Ohio Union

approximately 30-45 minutes

Medical Center Jummah

1:30pm Rhodes Hall Atrium on 5th floor, medical campus

approximately 45-50 minutes

Prayer Spaces


Located on the 3rd floor, this room is often used for Jummah and MSA events 

The Ohio Union

Interfaith Room


Room KN178 is a dedicated meditation space that can be used for prayer space

Knowlton Hall 

Meditation Area


5th floor of Rhodes Hall in the atrium 

Medical Center

Med center


Located on the 3rd floor, there are two small rooms on each side of the Interfaith room. with one side for men and one for women, along with dedicated wudu areas, these rooms are perfect for a small, quiet space to pray.

The Ohio Union

Meditation Room

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.55.10 PM_ed


Arps Hall

Quiet Room


Downstairs in the basement, all the way in the corner to the right side of the bathrooms, there is a large dedicated meditation space that can be used for prayer.

18th Ave. Library

Wellness Room