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at MSA OhioState

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Stronger Together

Sisterhood serves as the social component for the muslimahs of MSA by providing students the opportunity to meet fellow Muslims from many different backgrounds, majors, and walks of life. By facilitating events that allow students to meet and get to know each other, we hope to create connections that Muslims students on campus will feel comfortable using in and out of the classroom, whether that be having someone to study with, have lunch with, and most importantly, finding friends to trust and rely on.

What We Do

When in a new, uncomfortable setting, many of us are relieved when we find a familiar face. That’s where sisterhood comes in! We have a variety of events planned from boating trips, to art museums, to trying out new restaurants.

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Behind the Scenes                                         


Waliah Saif

Sisterhood Chair

 I'm a fourth year student majoring in microbiology, and am from the Columbus area. In my free time, I like to read or go rock-climbing, but also love to try new things!

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