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Meet the Candidates

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Safwan Jaweed


About Safwan

Salam everyone! My name is Safwan Jaweed and I am a third-year neuroscience major from Cincinnati. As president, my vision for MSA is built on cooperation, respect, Taqwah, and inclusivity. I look forward to enhancing the shared Muslim experience of OSU and to strengthen the presence of Islam on campus Inshallah.


  • MSA Brotherhood chair (2023-24)

  • ICGC Youth Group President (2020-2021)

  • Buckeyethon Internal Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Uphold Islamic principles in and about all MSA endeavors 

  • Spread Dawah at any appropriate opportunity 

  • Enhance interaction and engagement between the board and the general body

  • Make all Muslims feel welcome and safe

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Elsa Wani

Vice President

About Elsa

Salaam everyone! My name is Elsa Wani and I’m a third-year student, studying Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. I was born and raised in Hilliard, Ohio. Apart from school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I grew up as an only child, so I’ve always been super close to my parents. I also love to travel and always look forward to going to Kashmir every summer, the town my parents immigrated from! As a person, I’m super extroverted and love to learn more about people and their backgrounds, which was one of the big reasons as to why I joined MSA. This year, I’m so excited to be running for the vice president position for MSA, and being able to contribute to my local Muslim student community! I’ve always grown up being involved in my surrounding Muslim community, so the opportunity to do that here at OSU is definitely something I am passionate about. I’m big on providing a welcoming and comfortable aura to people, and, given the opportunity, I definitely want to build upon making MSA seem as accessible to the student body as possible! 


  • Outreach coordinator for MyFamily Pantry

  • Urdu Club Secretary

  • Volunteer Coordinator for Noor Clinic


  • Building a strong presence of  MSA on OSU campus and making it more accessible to underclassmen.

  • Keeping consistent engagement with the Muslim population on campus through designing events that are catered towards their Islamic interests.

  • Create a safe space for all Muslims on campus

  • Reaching out to different organizations and Muslim communities

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Nurah Baseer


About Nurah

Nurah is a second year chemical engineering major who is passionate about fostering a sense of community between Muslims both on and off campus. She believes that MSA should be a home for any Muslim, and a place that Muslim students can come to learn about their deen and make lasting friendships throughout their college career. On top of being a student and a part of MSA, she is a member of a three-year engineering competition team. She really enjoys working with and meeting new people, and does her best to get to know anyone new at events.  When she isn’t falling behind in ochem 2 or buried under school work, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, baking, and trying new cafes and restaurants with her friends. 


  • Sister’s Education Chair, OSU MSA 

  • Assistant Project Manager, OSU BWC

  • Networking Night Planning Committee member, OSU AIChE


  • To carry the momentum built from events this past year and continue to have educational, spiritual, social, and service events that benefit our community on and off campus. 

  • To expand the MSA community and provide a welcoming space that all Muslims can rely on, whether they are new to campus,  pursuing a stronger connection with their faith, or seeking a strong community.

  • To utilize MSA as a platform to advocate for Muslim students at OSU, especially when it comes to student rights.

  • To work with MSA’s sister organizations more often to bring different crowds of Muslims together on campus. 

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Amar Dabbagh

Vice President

About Amar

Assalamu alaikum, my name is Amar Dabbagh and I am a second year Biomedical Engineering major on the pre-med track. I am extremely excited to have the chance to become the Vice President of MSA here at OSU for the upcoming school year. I was born here in Ohio, but I am from and have lived in Palestine. My career goal is to become a physician and help treat patients while using engineering design and principles to research and create new treatments. Some of my hobbies include soccer and basketball, as well as traveling. I love to meet new Muslims on campus, whether it’s through classes, sports, MSA events, or just by chance on the sidewalk. I have some different goals in mind to strengthen community ties and to help people come closer to Islam, Muslim or non-Muslim.. InshaAllah I am very excited to see what the future holds for MSA. 


  • Research Assistant in Dr. Hamdy Elsayed-Awad’s Spinal Cord Ischemia Lab

  • -Ambassador Trainer at the Wexner Medical Center

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the Engineering Education Department


  • To spread the word and act as the most possible ideal representation of Islam on campus.

  • To support Muslims at OSU with various activities, events, and projects that will allow Muslims to feel safe and at home on campus.

  • To create an interwoven and tight knit Muslim community at OSU that will help Muslims create new friends, advance their careers, and become closer with their religion.

  • To build relationships with various communities and organizations that will benefit not only the Muslim population, but serve those who are in need of assistance.

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Ali Dada

Brotherhood Chairperson

About Ali

Salam! My name is Ali Dada and I am a 3rd year in health science at Ohio State University, I am committed to serving my community and the field of healthcare. My experiences include volunteering at family services, where I work closely with refugees, providing them with essential support and guidance. Additionally, I serve as a dental office assistant, assisting in ensuring oral health for patients. Previously, I've held positions at Walmart and Canes, where I learned the value of teamwork and customer service. Outside of academics and work, I am an active member of a Muslim brotherhood group called ALM, where I prioritize the values of religion and brotherhood. I am also involved in research for a urologist, where I learn more about the healthcare field. 


  • Volunteering at family services, aiding refugees in their integration into society.

  • Working as a dental assistant, contributing to oral healthcare for patients.

  • Employment at Walmart and Canes, gaining valuable experience in customer service and teamwork.


  • Bring a sense of community for Muslim students on campus.

  • Provide educational opportunities to promote the understanding of Islam.

  • Organize events that bring people together.

  • Collaborate with other student organizations to address social issues and serve the broader community in alignment with Islamic values.

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Majed Ahmad

Brotherhood Chairperson

About Majed

Salam everyone I’m Majed Ahmad, I’m studying CSE here and enjoy my time doing it, however when I’m not coding I like to spend my time in the gym lifting and training MMA when I find the time to train. I find myself getting along with a lot of the brothers around campus and I thought it would be a good way for me to get close to a lot of them and plan some fun things during my last year at OSU. Having fun is important to me because I know a lot of us get stressed out about school so I want the brotherhood to be that way to get away from everyone. More importantly I want to build a community to push each other to be better muslims and make strong connections  since it will be a lot harder when we’ve finished college and have moved on with our careers


  • Organize and lead Post Tarweeh training sessions 

  • Team captain of my high school wrestling team

  • AI club member


  • Build a closer knit brotherhood community

  • Make sure we have fun fulfilling some sunnah activity (wrestling, archery, swimming, horse riding)

  • Get more people to be involved in the upcoming years after we graduate

  • Try to do more joint activities with the other universities around OHIO 

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Ahmed Ayed

Brotherhood Chairperson

About Ahmed

Asalamu Alakum, my name is Ahmed Ayed. Im a freshman from Columbus, Ohio on the pre-med track majoring in Biology. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy helping others and volunteering when the opportunity presents itself. 


  • Vice president of Buckeye Leaders in Health 

  • Tunisian Senior  national basketball team 

  • Volunteering at food pantries 


  • Grow the bond of the brothers within MSA through various events 

  • Create Islamic environments where Muslims on campus can feel safe and accepted 

  • Gaining  a bigger budget for MSA allowing more freedom and creativity for MSA events

  •  Collaborate with more masajid around Columbus allowing for a wider range of event venues and guest speakers

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Aleena Shaikh

Sisterhood Chairperson

About Aleena

Salam everyone! My name is Aleena and I am a second year BSPS student in the Early Assurance Program with the College of Pharmacy here at OSU. On campus, I am involved in Relay for Life planning, the recruitment chair for a professional pharmacy fraternity as well as working at the front desk of the College of Pharmacy where I work with faculty and staff to complete various tasks, as well as assist with admissions events and speak at panels. Outside of campus I also work as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital. I also enjoy baking, reading and hanging out with friends. Many people who know me would say that I really enjoy connecting with new people and getting to know them, and this is something I am excited to do in the coming year! I am currently serving as the Project Downtown Chairperson on our MSA board this year and it has been an amazing experience, and InshAllah I am excited to keep growing our MSA in the next year!


  • MSA Project Downowtwon Chair

  • Teacher and Administrator at Polaris Sunday School

  • Pharmacy Technician at St. Anns Hospital


  • Create an evironment where sisters feel comfortable coming to events

  • Foster an MSA that provides a safe community for incoming muslim students, whether they are from the greater Columbus area or from states away

  • Create an MSA that encourages students to engage with the muslim community and be proud of their identity

  •  Host events where sisters will be excited to come for both the company and the activity

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Mariam Ismail

Sisterhood Chairperson

About Mariam

My name is Mariam Ismail, and I am a 1st year pre-nursing student, with the hopes of majoring in Nursing. I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but moved to Columbus in 2019, which led me here to OSU. I grew up without any sisters/few female role-models, so attending many of this year’s MSA sister-related events has been both a new and enjoyable experience for me. I would like to continue fostering a sisterhood on the OSU campus within MSA, and becoming the Sisterhood Chairperson would allow me to do so. The MSA so far has granted me the opportunity to meet and engage with many new muslim sisters, although one wish of mine as a candidate is to have more educational sister-focused seminars/gatherings for us to learn more about Islam overall. In consideration of that; I hope that achieving the position of Sisterhood Chairperson can help me lead muslim sisters to find a commonplace on campus where we can practice Islam without any blockage, whether it is cultural, educational, or spiritual.


  • Key Club: Secretary: Fall 2021 - May 2023: Created bi-monthly meeting agendas, took attendance, organized event logistics, assisted in creating volunteer opportunities for club members, overall service club.

  • Peer Mentorship: Horizon Elementary: Feb 2022 - May 2022: Lead 5th grade class in weekly reading activities, assisted with classwork/homework, organized reading times.

  • School Ambassador: Fall 2021 - May 2023: Gave school tours, assisted students in being comfortable with the transition to highschool.


  • To strengthen the bond of muslim sisters within the MSA organization.

  • To continue Quran circles for sisters, in the hopes of bringing us as an ummah closer to the Quran, and understanding the definitions.

  • To promote islamic unity of all ethnic backgrounds.

  • To create and organize fun gatherings for muslim sisters, giving the sisters space to feel welcomed when practicing deen. 

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Tasnime Miari

Sisterhood Chairperson

About Tasnime

Salam! My name is Tasnime and I am a third year environmental science major on the pre-optometry track. I am Palestinian and the second youngest in a family of seven daughters. I enjoy learning about agriculture, the environment, and how we learn. Additionally, I have an interest in mental health and better understanding how caring for our mental wellbeing is tied into our faith practice.  Although our generation is making strides in the destigmatization of mental health in Muslim communities, I hope to better integrate community care and access to resources. I have been involved in my local masjid since I was a kid and am excited to get even more involved with the Muslim community on campus. I currently volunteer at Masjid Noor’s Kids Club and am an intern for the Ohio Optometric Association in their educational branch, Realeyes. I spend a lot of my free time taking care of animals on my family’s farm and this year I helped with the birth and care of fifteen lambs, Alhamdulillah! When I am not at the farm, I am with my sisters planning our next road trip. I enjoy traveling, hiking, and the rush of a new adventure!


  • Noor kids club Group Lead and activity lead

  • Carbon Capture club Communication coordinator 

  • Realeyes education intern


  • Create a safe space for the Muslims sisters on OSU campus to get together and build a community that strengthens our iman. 

  • To have more events that speak about the diversity within Islam

  • Connect with Alumni to help muslim students build connections with Muslims in the professional world 

  • Increase the conversations about how mental health and Islam go hand in hand

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Azra Narvel

Co-Outreach Chairperson

About Azra

Assalamualaikum! My name is Azra Narvel. I am an incoming freshman at OSU inA! Having taken classes on campus since high school,  I have also been actively engaged in the MSA at OSU. I plan to major in Data Analytics and International Relations on the Pre-Law track, inshAllah. Growing up in Dublin, OH I’ve been a part of the local masjid, Noor, from childhood. Throughout high school, I was a part of the Muslim Youth Impact Committee at Noor, and in my senior year, I joined as a student leader, where I aided new members and led the committee through my experience. My favorite part was brainstorming and  planning new and unique  events that brought together the young Muslims in the community.  I am excited to implement those ideas to new social events at OSU uplifting one another towards Allah (swt). Along with that I am part of many nonprofit organizations and communities off-campus including Muslim revert groups, young refugee and immigrant groups, and more! As an outreach chair I want to build the bridge between the local Columbus and the OSU community. I love listening to podcasts, reading books, playing tennis, traveling, and making new friends. I’ve met so many Muslims sisters on campus this year and am so excited to meet more of the OSU Muslim community. Everyone comes from such unique backgrounds and my goal with MSA is to foster connections that allow us to gain deeper connections for the sake of Allah, inshAllah.


  • Committee Member and Lead, Muslim Youth Impact Committee

  • Development Program Intern, CAIR-OH Student Internship

  • Founder, First Muslim Student Association in Dublin School District


  • Organize diverse, engaging events to unite Muslims on campus, facilitate meaningful networking, and encourage new friendships through interactive activities and social events.

  • Create opportunities for a deeper connection to the history of Islam beyond traditional lectures, such as a series on the Seerah of the Prophet, and establishing an Islamic book club for discussions.

  • Collaborate more with sister organizations and local nonprofits to expand our reach and impact and create more group volunteering opportunities.

  • Promote leadership opportunities within MSA and the wider community, connect students with local leaders, especially those from outside Columbus, and ensure a welcoming environment for Muslim reverts and refugees/new immigrants, enriching our collective experience and understanding

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Manal Ismail

Co-Outreach Chairperson

About Manal

Hello! I’m Manal Ismail, currently a sophomore studying Public Health. I would love to join the MSA board as your next Co-Outreach Chair. I am motivated by a deep commitment to enriching our Muslim community on campus. My drive comes from a vision where our MSA mirrors the vibrant diversity of the ummah, embracing all voices and backgrounds.

I believe the heart of the MSA lies in its ability to bring us together, fostering a space that’s welcoming and inclusive. As Co-Outreach Chair, I’m determined to introduce initiatives that not only broaden our community’s diversity but also deepen our connections with each other and the wider campus. My goal is to see our MSA become a beacon of unity and understanding, where every member feels valued and empowered to contribute.

With a spirit driven by inclusivity and a passion for positive change, I’m excited about the opportunity to work with you all. Together, we can shape an MSA that truly reflects the best of our values and aspirations


  • Volunteering at Masjid Asiddiq Islamic Center

  • Environmental Sustainability Commission Member 

  •  Pharmacy Technician 


  • To engage underrepresented Muslim Communities

  • To Educate on Global Muslim Issues

  • Increase Access to Islamic Education

  • To Strengthen the Muslim Community 

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Maazin Shamim

Co-Outreach Chairperson

About Maazin

My name is Maazin Shamim, I’m currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with the privilege of being a part of the OSU MSA community over the course of the past year, and have witnessed the growth of this beautiful organization. InshaAllah, I hope to work towards continuing this growth as one of the Outreach chairs for next year. Given the size and prestige of our MSA, one of the biggest in the nation, it is crucial that we remain connected not only to Muslim organizations around Columbus, but also various other student organizations here at Ohio State. I have spent the entirety of my life immersed in the Columbus community, and have worked with several community leaders and organizations through my role as a coordinator of the Al Fityah youth group. As one of the MSA Outreach chairs, I hope to create strong and long lasting relationships with other organizations, and work with them to develop projects and events that cater to the Muslim community as a whole. In a time where unity between young Muslims is so crucial, these relationships will be a stepping stone towards a unified campus Muslim community here at Ohio State.


  • Al Fityah Coordinator

  • Hilliard Davidson MSA Board-Event Planning Chair

  • Hilliard Davidson Key Club Board


  • Unification of all Muslim students across campus of different ethnicities and backgrounds, especially those that are part of other

  • Predominantly Muslim student organizations
    More frequent events that appeal to the general campus Muslim community

  • Build positive and lasting relationships with other student organizations and external organizations as well

  • Create an MSA atmosphere that attracts new and consistent members, especially underclassmen, and builds brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the campus Muslim community

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Daanish Khan

Co-Outreach Chairperson

About Daanish

Assalamu Alaykum! I’m Daanish Khan, I’m running for the position of Outreach Chair. As someone who has been active in the MSA and event planning for the past 2 years, I believe I’d be a suitable candidate for Outreach. Outreach assists the other departments on the board by facilitating collaboration. My experience in Education has given me the contacts and resources necessary to maintain relationships MSA already has, and to build new ones, with orgs we have never reached out to. MSA improved a lot this year in terms of its look amongst students on campus, but more work has to be done in getting underclassmen involved with MSA. Catering to them is integral as a lot of them have no Muslim community outside of MSA, and have to deal with toxic university culture alone. Having MSA be a lifeline for them would build meaningful relationships with a large part of campus, and would allow us to cater better to Muslims, and also make Islam more visible on campus.


  • MSA Education Chair

  • Collaborating with orgs like Miftaah and MAS for events

  • Sunday School teacher at NICC


  • More collaboration with local orgs, charity-wise, education-wise, and social-wise

  • Outreach more on campus to freshmen and sophomores who live in dorms, as the only Muslim community available to them is MSA.

  • Get more students involved in the MSA brand, that people want to come because of MSA and that’s their social circle, not only because they might like the odd event once a month.

  • Make Muslims more visible on campus

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Asmaa Al-Ibraheem

Female Co-Education Chairperson

About Asmaa

Alsalam Alikum Everyone! 

My name is Asmaa (أسماء). During the 24-25 academic year, I will be entering my 5th year at Ohio State University. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering,  hoping to pursue a career in the industry after graduation. My second major is  Arabic, a decision I made during my  3rd year, to expand my vocabulary in my native language. In addition, I made this choice to help me delve into Arabic poetry, and most importantly, deepen my understanding of our religion, specifically the Quran in its native tongue. 

My upbringing has instilled in me a deep connection to Islamic education, as my Dad studied Sharia as his major at the University of Baghdad in the late 90’s. I also had the privilege of attending Islamic schools back in Syria during my childhood. Currently, I continue to pursue my knowledge with a private teacher.  I am dedicated to utilizing my Islamic education to contribute to the growth of our Islamic community on campus.

 Jazakum Allah Khair for your interest in learning more about me. May Allah help us all to showcase Islam in the best way and guide us all to the straight path. 


  • 23-24 MSA Education Committee 

  • 21-24 Teacher at NICC 

  • 23-24 Remote Support Associate at Ohio At Home


  • Create a warm environment that welcomes every Muslim on Campus 

  • Create a series of Halqas regarding in-depth stories about each prophet (A)

  • Increase the attendance of girls during the weekly Quran circles. 

  • Have events for Muslims and non-Muslims in the Intention of doing Dawah. 

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Hamdi Hassan

Female Co-Education Chairperson

About Hamdi

Asalamu Alaykum, my name is Hamdi Hassan and I’m a first year marketing student. I’m currently a part of the media, marketing and communications scholars program. I would say I'm a pretty introverted person but coming to OSU has helped me to become more extroverted. This has allowed me to acquire great communication skills along with collaboration skills whether with peers or professors. I’m running for the female education role because I feel it’s important for us students to implement the deen while in college. I’m very keen on community,  I think people thrive when they have support and a backbone. College is not an easy time so I hope for MSA to be a sense of community for students. I also hope for MSA to be a safe space for students who may not have one at home or on campus. Overall I know MSA creates immense good for our community and that is something I would like to be a part of during my time at OSU. 


  • Mechs bipoc 

  • Student Council (no hate committee ) 

  • Growth pathway


  • Be more inclusive and welcoming to new faces

  • To have more engaging halaqahs

  • Having  a more diverse community

  • Creating a safe space for reverts and those interested in the religion

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Hillwa Saleh


About Hillwa

Salam! My name is Hillwa Saleh, and I am a Third-Year Biochemistry student here at OSU. I look forward to being more involved with the Muslim Community on campus in the 24-25 school year InshAllah. A little about me is I am very heavily involved in the Noor Islamic Community Center as a community volunteer. I moved around a lot growing up, but I have spent the most time in Central Ohio, more specifically Dublin. Some of my interests outside of school include soccer, reading, journaling, and my cat Mishmish. Lastly, as Secretary of MSA, I hope to establish efficient communication and organization within the MSA,  specifically amongst other board members. I will strive to maintain an organized environment to help ensure everyone's needs are met.


  • Noor  Kids Club Group Lead 

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant 

  • Pharmacy Technician 


  • Cultivate a safe environment for the Muslim Community on campus

  • Advocate for Muslims on campus 

  • Represent Islam in a positive light 

  • Create spaces for conversations and community-building amongst fellow students

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Wasim Elsharkwy

Male Co-Education Chairperson

About Wasim

Born and raised in Kuwait, I was quite accustomed to having a large Muslim community all around me, but it was only when I moved to Solon, OH that I realized how much of a gift that community was. When I started at OSU, I almost immediately joined the MSA and it quickly became my comfort zone; for two years, this community has been my slice of home away from home. When I came to my first MSA events, it was the education chair that really integrated me into the community, making me feel welcome as part of the group, which is why I believe that this role is an incredibly important one; all board members needs to be outgoing and approachable, actively communicating with both new-comers and regulars in order to strengthen and grow the Muslim community at OSU, which is one of my biggest goals for the MSA.


  • MSA education committee 

  • Given Halaqas for the MSA

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award 


  • Provide opportunities for Muslims on campus to increase their Islamic knowledge

  • Cater events to people of different levels of knowledge, so everyone can find a way to learn based on their own academic level

  • Bring the Muslim community on campus together through laid-back, casual events

  • Make sure that the MSA as an organization has a solid identity

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Jana Abedeljaber


About Jana

Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Jana Abedeljaber and I am a second year majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in math. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but come from a Palestinian background. I enjoy spending time with friends & family, trying new cafes and hiking outside. I graduated from Avon High school, in which I founded a Business and Investment Club. Currently, I am president of the industrial and applied mathematics Club (SIAM) at OSU and one the the events I recently hosted involved participants applying quantitative analysis methods to devise optimal trading strategies and giving them twenty four hours to solve it. This position has improved my skills and strengths. My strengths are leadership in problem-solving in STEM based settings. I have worked well with both those who share the same interests and are in the same field with me, as well as others with completely different backgrounds. All of these experiences have made me believe to be a qualified candidate for this position. If I am selected for this position, I will put effort in finding ways to fund events so that they are appealing to Muslims all over campus. 



  • President of Applied Mathematics Club (SIAM) at OSU 

  • Summer Camp Activity Leader at Cleveland Muslim Association

  • PCRF Ambassador 


  • Brainstorm different events and methods to fund for our Muslim community 

  • Have the community come together through proper funded events and develop new relationships with others. 

  • I would like to form a overview budget plan early on in the year 

  • Put effort into informing and showing our members and supporters where their contributions go and the process in which it happens

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Saad Ijaz


About Saad

My name is Saad, and I’m a freshman majoring in math on a premed track. I’ve had the opportunity this past year to participate in the various events and activities put on by the MSA; I’ve met valuable friends and have gained so much through my time at MSA. Next year, I want to be a bigger part of this organization and give back to the Muslim population on campus, and I feel that becoming a part of this board as secretary would be a great way to do so. I’ll work to keep our MSA organized and running smoothly; I’ve had experience in the administration of student-led groups such as NICC’s MY Impact Committee that I feel make me prepared to serve as MSA’s secretary in the upcoming school year. Secretary is an essential position in any board that allows the organization to work to its full potential, and through clear communication, punctuality and coordination, I’ll help make our MSA the best it can be. 



  • Served as committee chair for MY Impact Committee during high school

  • Key Club Central Ohio District Governor 

  • MY Project USA MY Family Pantry Volunteer


  • Ensure the board is able to run smoothly and effectively 

  • Make sure the board maintains a clear and positive relationship with OSU administration 

  • Promote clarity and avoid miscommunication among the board committees 

  • Help MSA expand and begin working more with other universities’ MSAs

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Mariam Abaza

Marketing Chairperson

About Mariam

Salaam everyone! 

My name is Mariam and I am proud to be an active MSA member and life-long Columbus-area resident. 

I’m dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices and highlighting often-silenced communities. As Marketing Chair for the Muslim Student Association, I aim to utilize these abilities to amplify Muslim voices and raise awareness on issues that directly affect us.

As an Indian, Syrian, and Palestinian-American, I found it difficult to fully fit into cultural orgs on campus. I appreciate the diversity and acceptance I have found within MSA and strive to continue fostering these qualities.

Drawing from my background in marketing and a deep-rooted personal understanding of our diverse student body's needs, I plan to foster unity and strengthen our collective voice.  I'll work tirelessly to promote our events promptly and effectively through innovative advertising and collaborate with the board to plan engaging and educational events that foster engagement within our community. 

Volunteering with the Noor Islamic Cultural Center has enriched my ties to the local Muslim community, providing me with invaluable experiences and connections. I'm eager to bring this sense of belonging and leadership to our MSA, inshallah, creating a welcoming space where every member feels valued.


  • Marketing Head and Journalist for Voices of GenZ, a national youth-led policy organization 

  • CAIR-Ohio Intern Summer ’23

  • Marketing Head of the MyImpact Youth Committee of Noor Islamic Cultural Center, Dublin Jerome’s Multicultural Club, the Dublin Literary Magazine, Key Club, American Cancer Society, and the Dublin Fencing Club in high school


  • Produce clear and timely marketing materials and use various social media platforms/mediums to increase the turnout and diversity of MSA events. 

  • Create clear communication with the university and USG to ensure that all student needs are met, including accommodations.

  • Promote transparency and promptness within the event planning and advertising process so that members know what is happening and when. 

  • Implement more spaces for members to be involved with planning and executing events.

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Aadil Umerani


About Aadil

As-salamu ʿalaykum. My name is Aadil Umerani, and I'm excited to run for the position of Treasurer. I’ve been involved with MSA since my freshman year, and my goal for next year is to become more involved with this great organization. I’m very familiar with spreadsheets through proficient use in my classes and my volunteer position, so I plan to maintain organization with budgeting for the next year.

As your Treasurer, my vision is to introduce innovative fundraising initiatives to support our MSA activities, improve financial transparency with detailed reports accessible to all members, and establish a scholarship fund to assist members facing financial hardships. I am committed to managing our finances in a way that maintains our association's stability, fosters growth, and broadens our impact.

With a solid foundation of responsibility, integrity, and teamwork, I am eager to bring my skills and dedication to the MSA more impactfully. Running for Treasurer is not just about fulfilling a role for me—it's about making a meaningful difference in our community. I ask for your vote to help ensure our MSA's financial health and to work towards our collective goals.


  • American Cancer Society Research Chair

  • Pakistani American Student Association Events Chair

  • Buckeython- Community Outreach and Engagement Assistant Director


  • Increase Financial Transparency: Implement regular financial reporting and open meetings to discuss the MSA budget, ensuring all members are informed and involved in financial decisions.

  • Boost Fundraising Efforts: Launch diverse fundraising campaigns, including community events and online initiatives, to secure funds for MSA activities, scholarships, and charity projects.

  • Establish Financial Workshops: Offer workshops on financial literacy and budget management for MSA members, empowering them with the skills to manage personal finances and understand organizational budgeting.

  • Establish a Financial Reserve Fund: Build a reserve fund to support future MSA projects and provide financial stability during unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the organization's longevity and capability to serve its members, especially during Ramadan.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.50_edited.jpg

Dahlia Daboul

Marketing Chairperson

About Dahlia

Salam! My name is Dahlia Daboul, I am a second year Public Health major from Toledo, Ohio. I have been a supporter of the MSA for both my years on campus. I am an active member in other clubs such as Magical Moments Foundation, Health-Link Society, My Project USA, and many others! I enjoy volunteer work in my free time, and I love looking for new opportunities to learn about other cultures and traditions. I have two older brothers who participated on the Executive Board of MSA OSU, and I have looked forward to being a part of it even before my time on campus. I enjoy theatre, yoga, and reading, and I love meeting and talking to other Muslims with similar interests. Some random facts about me: I have two cats named Lilo and Stitch, my parents are from Syria and my favorite part of the summer is visiting my home country, and I love reading and learning about history (especially Islamic and Arabic history). 


  • Marketing Chair of Magical Moments Foundation

  •  Shift Leader and Executive Board Member of My Reading Warriors

  •  Ambassador Volunteer at Wexner Medical Center


  • To encourage spiritual growth and knowledge of the deen among Muslim students on campus and to build a space that promotes a deeper understanding of Islam through open discussion and interaction with other members of the Muslim community.

  •  To build a platform that spreads awareness of Islam to campus as a whole and invites students of different religious and cultural backgrounds to grow in knowledge and build relationships with members of the MSA. 

  • To build strong relationships with other student organizations and administrations on campus that allows for collaboration and interconnectivity of the different interests of student communities.

  •  To give Muslim students on campus an opportunity to grow, not just spiritually, but academically and socially as well by offering resources that will aid students in reaching academic and social goals that will extend beyond their collegiate experience.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 4.04_edited.jpg

Jenien Abu-kweik

Marketing Chairperson

About Jenien

 Asalamu Alaykum!  My name is Jenien Abu-kweik and I am a second year student studying sonography. I was born in Ohio but I am from Palestine. From elementary until middle school  I attended an Islamic private School and in highschool I continued to involve myself in the Muslim community. One key element that may set me apart from other applicants is my experience in MSA this year. Having the experience of being the current marketing chair has better prepared me for next year  because I will know what needs improvement and what has been efficient. This year I focused more on advertising and getting used to upholding a consistent theme while simultaneously adhering to the provided expectations. However, next year I want to focus more on implementing a more interactive and community based approaches  using media. If chosen,  I look forward to serving the muslim community and growing more inshallah.


  • Current Marketing Chairperson of MSA OSU

  • Current President of ISMWS at OSU

  • Program Coordinator of MSA in high school


  • Making sure that MSA is a safe space for people of different backgrounds to conform in and feel welcomed 

  • Educating  others around us about Muslims and growing our community 

  • Developing connections and relationships with each other for our future as a muslim community 

  • Further developing our knowledge and spiritual health with our religion 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.54_edited.jpg

Saif Mohammed

IT Chairperson

About Saif

Assalamualaikum everyone, my name is Saif Mohammed. I am a Computer Science & Engineering major currently finishing up my sophomore year. I am originally from Cleveland, OH and I chose to run for the MSA executive board to facilitate an environment that brings people closer to Islam. I try my best to stay connected to the Muslim community at Ohio State and aim to encourage others to do the same.


  • Software Engineering Intern at a startup company where I focused on developments for online platforms, integrating APIs for enhancing platform efficiency and improving user accessibility.

  • Shadowed various IT professionals in their work environments and gained a comprehensive understanding of high-performance database management and modern IT practices.

  • I am a member of various CS/IT-related clubs at OSU including Hack OHI/O, AI Club, Open Source Club, and Competitive Programming Club.


  • I would like to create an inclusive environment within the MSA that welcomes all Muslims, regardless of their level of religious practice. 

  • I aim to foster a community that brings all members closer to Islam by helping organize various events and improving them based on community feedback.

  • I would like to start a Quran halaqah for the brothers, consistently reading and reflecting upon the meaning of the Quran on a weekly basis.

  • I am committed to sending out a weekly informative newsletter that keeps members up to date on the latest MSA events and updates. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.50_edited.jpg

Ayan Koriyow

Marketing Chairperson

About Ayan

Salam! My name is Ayan and I’m currently a second year majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. A little about me, I was born in Kenya, but lived in Columbus since I was 5, during my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and reading. I currently serve on the Recruitment Chair for Muslims Students in Healthcare. I also work at Nationwide Children's Hospital part time as a PSA. In highschool, I participated in student government, this experience was really helpful for me to learn the foundations of being on a board. During my time on this board, I was able to advocate for change and create relationships that were long lasting. I’m a very bubbly and outgoing person and enjoy creating new meaningful friendships especially on campus. Serving on the Marketing Chair, I wish to hopefully be able to connect to other students who share the same faith and belief as me.


  • Serving on the Recruitment Chair Muslims Students in Healthcare 

  • Volunteer at Columbus Free Clinic

  • Work as a PSA at Nationwide Children’s 


  • Create a safe environment for Muslim students of color campus 

  • Unite the Muslim body of OSU even more

  • Increasing the knowledge of non-muslims around campus surrounding Islam and MSA 

  • Connecting Muslim students on campus to  leadership and developmental opportunity

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.53_edited.jpg

Mohammed Alanbaee

Photography Chairperson

About Mohammed

My name is Mohammed Alanbaee. I'm a junior in civil engineering here at OSU. I was born and raised in Kuwait and I've only been in Columbus for 3 years. I got really interested in photography about a year ago, and I ended up investing a lot of time and money into improving at this hobby of mine. Now, a year later, I feel like I have gained enough experience where I could make a substantial impact with my photography. I considered going the monetary route and try to make money with it, but I feel like doing the thing that I love with people that I love is going to be much more fulfilling than a few extra bucks, so I decided to run for photography chair, and I hope, inshallah, that I will be a good fit for the role. I am looking forward to being the MSA’s photographer, and I am looking forward to taking pictures of all you guys!


  • Worked on many events that MSA has done

  • I was the dedicated photographer for the MAS event done on Ali Ibn ABI Talib

  • I've been taking pictures on my mirrorless cameras for over a year, so I've gotten very confident in my skills, alhamdulillah.


  • Elevate the level of photography found in MSA

  • Introduce videography into the content made by MSA

  • Start a program where I interview willing students and document their experiences with MSA

  • Listen to the students and see what I can improve upon, inshallah

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.52_edited.jpg

Laila Tarabishi

IT Chairperson

About Laila

Salam I am a first year Pre-Biomedical Engineering Major. I am originally from Damascus, Syria, and moved to Ohio in 2012 where I have been here since. I graduated from Hilliard Davidson HS, where I spent my time in clubs like Mock Trial and Environmental Club, as well as pursued hobbies including orchestra and lacrosse. Some of my interests are painting, traveling, piano, and violin. I am the oldest of four, and one of many cousins. This past year I have attended many MSA events and met many new people, I enjoy design and as a first

year engineering student I have had lots of experience specifically with technology. I look forward to meeting many more new people this upcoming year. 


  • President of Environmental Club 

  • Math Instructor at Mathnasium 

  • Noor MasjidKids Club Counselor 


  • Be active and present in MSA events outside of my responsibilities 

  •  Help welcome at least 3 new members 

  • Gain more experience with technology and learn new platforms 

  •  Form a supportive relationship with fellow MSA Board

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.53_edited.jpg

Omar Mitiek

Project Downtown (PD) Chairperson

About Omar

Hello MSA members, my name is Omar Mitiek and I am running for the Project Downtown position. I am a second-year biomedical engineering major on a pre-med track, and I'm entering my third year of college next year. In my free time, I like to do a variety of things from going to the gym, playing video games, and watching anime. A small fun fact about me is that Columbus is the 8th place I have lived in my life.

I have been attending Project Downtown since my second semester of college, and I truly enjoyed being able to go and help make meals for the homeless on Sunday mornings. This small, yet impactful deed, has helped me understand that with community support and a small amount of time every week, we can impact people’s lives. I want to help continue, lead, and improve this effort next year by both increasing community engagement, while also increasing and raising money for PD. This will help foster and better connect the big Muslim community on campus while also helping those in need. 


  • Health Science Scholars teaching assistant

  • Recruitment committee for PHIDE

  • Medical Assistant


  • Increase the amount of attendance in both PD and MSA events, which then helps foster a closer Muslim community

  • Work with the service chair to help raise more money for Pd, which then allows us to provide more food for the homeless 

  • Create events in MSA that can both help fundraise for PD and be fun activities for the community

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.50_edited.jpg

Esma Sezen

Photography Chairperson

About Esma

Assalamualaikum everyone! My name is Esma Sezen, and I’m currently a second year majoring in mechanical engineering.  I was born and raised in Hilliard, Ohio, but originally I am from Turkey. My passion for photography started in middle school and since then I have progressed and improved over the years continuing digital photography and dabbling in film photography as well.  I have photographed various events ranging from bridal showers, birthday and graduation parties, plenty of senior photos, and Somali Night at OSU. I also served as the photography chair this past year in MSA. Regarding my hobbies outside of photography, I love drawing, crocheting, and reading. I am also treasurer for International Society of Muslim in Science and part of the Morrill Scholarship Program. Because of my leadership experience in organizations in the past, I believe I have a strong work ethic and great organizational skills. As a photography chairperson, I hope to apply these qualities to my role. I can’t wait to document MSA’s progress through my photography!


  • Photography Chair for MSA 23-24

  • Freelance Photography 

  • OSU Somali Night (organized by Somali Student Association) 


  • Promote inclusivity through my photography.

  • I want to encourage non-members and current members to continue attending events through my documentation on the social media pages.

  • Shed light on to muslim students around campus and their accomplishments.

  • Take member’s thoughts and ideas about MSA to better improve our community and organization.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.54_edited.jpg

Saduf Dada

Project Downtown (PD) Chairperson

About Saduf

Salamualaikum! My name is Saduf Dada and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in both  French and Public Health. I am Afghan, born and raised here in Columbus, Ohio, and very close to campus.  During my free time, I love to watch shows and movies along with reading a good book once in a while. I also love traveling even though I have not been to as many places! Some people that I look up to in my life are my parents as they continue to be my inspiration for helping others.   A huge passion of mine that is driven by my parents is to help others whether it’s helping to provide them with basic necessities, volunteering at a hospital, teaching children about Islam, etc. The feeling of rewardness is something that I always seek and ultimately gives me a  purpose. I know that I could always feel and gain such rewardness by serving as the Project Downtown chair. Taking time out of your day to help provide food for the ones who need it is such a beautiful act that one can do and I hope that not only I get inspired and motivated to perform such acts but the rest of the Muslim community as well!


  • Quran and Islamic studies teacher at Masjid Omar

  • Volunteer at Riverview International Center, some work involves helping refugees settle, academic assistance for children, and other assistance neighborhood community needed

  • Clinical Volunteer at Noor Free Clinic


  • Creating relationships with other community service orgs to maintain the community service aspect of MSA

  • Gaining more community members to participate in community service

  • Diversifying volunteer opportunities and finding more ways to give back to the community

  • To raise more positive awareness of the Muslim community through acts of community service

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.55_edited.jpg

Youcef Hennaoui

Project Downtown (PD) Chairperson

About Youcef

As-Salamu Alaykum! My name is Youcef Hennaoui, I am a first year Biology student on the Pre-Dental professional pathway, and I am thrilled to be running for the Project Downtown Chair Position. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and reading the Quran. I’m eager to take an active role in the MSA by helping promote a community of unity and acceptance. Joining the Board will be an opportunity for me to contribute meaningfully to the MSA’s projects and events. 

One aspect of the Project Downtown Position that particularly interests me is the community service aspect.  As someone who is deeply invested in giving back to others, I believe this position would undoubtedly allow me to make a difference. Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, outlines the need for Muslims to give back to those in need. Assembling and delivering packed lunches with Project Downtown serves as an opportunity for all of us to fulfill our religious duties.As I look forward to the next school year, I’m filled with anticipation for the new opportunities and experiences it will bring.


  •  President of Smile Support Society

  • Collaborated with the MSA and Project Downtown to distribute Dental kits and informational brochures to the church. 

  • Pre-Dental Chair on the Muslim Students in Healthcare Board

  • Shoes for the Shoeless - Dayton Regional Organizer


  • Promoting Unity by hosting events that promote intellectual dialog and meaningful exchanges while removing cultural divides. 

  •  Encouraging members of the Muslim community to strengthen their connection to Allah by hosting more prayer, reflection, and halaqah events. 

  • Organizing more General Body meetings to facilitate building new connections and friendships in our community. 

  • Building connections with interfaith and multicultural groups to help promote unity between each respective group. Collaborating with interfaith and multicultural groups will create opportunities for dialog, understanding, and respect.  

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.55_edited.jpg

Sarah Dada

Service Chairperson

About Sarah

Salam Alaykum, my name is Sarah and I’m heading into my second-year at Ohio State. I’m studying to become a pediatrician and a writer, to help people in need and to give a voice to those who are silenced. I grew up right here in Columbus, Ohio and became familiar with MSA as a highschool student when my sister served on the board. Since I was part of the OSU Academy’s CCP program as a senior, I’ve attended many MSA events prior to starting college. As a first-generation Afghan-American I am always striving to be grateful for all the opportunities I have, and to make the most of what's in front of me. Besides writing, my other hobbies include reading, watching television, and baking. Ultimately, I’m always experimenting with things and looking to try something new. I’ve had a strong connection to service since middle school, and through my high school service activities I was awarded the Columbus Rotary’s Service Above Self Scholarship which only continues to inspire me to strive to make the change in the world that I want to see.9


  • Founder of Remarkable Readers (2021-2023) Founded and ran a free and fully virtual reading and writing enrichment club that provided elementary and middle school students across the Columbus City schools district with a love for and a better understanding of literature and its importance.

  • Marketing Chair (2022-present) and the Marketing Chair currently for the nonprofit Hidayah Institute. Hidayah is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of struggling families in Afghanistan. I organized our massively successful bake sale and fundraiser at NICC that raised around $40,000 of funds for victims affected by the series of earthquakes in Herat, Afghanistan.

  • Marketing Chair of MYImpact (2022-23) Plan monthly events with the collaboration of fellow youth, as well as the overarching annual Youth Conference. We prepared all flyers, promotional material, and communicated amongst different departments to effectively spread event information to the community in an efficient, visually appealing, and timely manner.


  • Host an ongoing service project throughout the academic school year that specifically helps local muslim youth in the community.

  • Increase the amount of collaborative service events with other organizations to broaden MSA’s scope, and spread the charitable message of our deen.3

  • Advance the PD attendance & impact, reaching out to more community based partners to provide more meals to people in need.

  • Work on expanding MSA’s national and international impact.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.51_edited.jpg

Humza Asgher

Service Chairperson

About Humza

Salam! My name is Humza Asgher, and I am currently studying Biomedical Science. I always want to become more involved in the Muslim community and become closer to my faith.

When I saw the opportunity to apply for the service position for the MSA, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved and make a difference. 

I believe that I am well-suited for this role due to my strong attention to detail and communication skills, as well as my ability to work well in a team. In the past, I have had experience on msa board. Additionally, I am a quick learner and am always eager to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Overall, I am excited about the opportunity to serve as the service Chair and I look forward to contributing to the success of the organization and making a positive impact on the Muslim community at Ohio State.


  •  MSA IT

  • American cancer society treasurer 

  • Biomedical science junior representative 


  • Expand Community Service Initiatives

  • Establish Regular Volunteering Schedules:

  • Launch a Signature Service Project

  • Promote Interfaith and Inter-organizational Service Projects

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