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Want to do good deeds, make friends, or complete community service hours? MSA has several volunteer opportunities for you!

Service Programs 

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For our first service event, we have partnered with Pious Projects to host the 4th annual Feed the Hungry campaign in Columbus on Saturday, September 29. The first annual Feed the Hungry campaign started in 2015. Volunteers distributed 1,200 meals in Chicago, Illinois. The Project was even more successful last year, serving over 25,000 meals in 21 cities. IN COLUMBUS ALONE WE SERVED OVER 3,000 people. Join us as we participate in a nationwide campaign to feed the homeless of America. We hope that we can count on your help to make this year’s event one of our best yet! In order for this event to be a success, we need to fundraise at least $3,000.

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Service Chair

Senya Magsi

Salaam! My name is Senya Magsi and I'm a sophomore from Toledo, OH. MSA was my first home away home, and I hope it can be the same warm, welcoming environment for you!

Behind the Scenes

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